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Proud Boys Designated Terrorist Organization in New Zealand
Poland Completes Wall on Belarus Border
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Russia's Invasion of Ukraine is a 'Perfect Example of Toxic Masculinity'
Labor Strike Leaves South Africa with National Power Outages
NATO Offers Formal Membership Invitation to Finland and Sweden
Scottish First Minister Announces Plan to Hold Independence Referendum
Japan Court Rules Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Violate Constitution
European Union Grants Ukraine First Step Toward Membership
Thailand Decriminalizes Marijuana
Malaysia Ends Live Chicken Exports as Food Prices Surge
Hungarian Government Gets New Powers After Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Declares State of Emergency
Officials From Sweden and Finland Visit White House Amid NATO Talks
Finland 'Must Apply For NATO Membership Without Delay,' Say President and Prime Minister
Former Haitian Senator Charged in President's Assassination
Jill Biden and Justin Trudeau Hold Weekend Visits in Ukraine
Bulgaria Signals Intent to Veto Oil Embargo as EU Talks Continue
North Korea Fired a Ballistic Missile for the 14th Time This Year
Germany Reverses Course on Russian Oil Embargo After Reaching Deal with Poland
Italian Court Rules Children Should Receive Both Parents' Surnames by Default Due to Discrimination
Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orbán Meets With Pope Francis at Vatican
Biden Announces Another $800 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine
Ukraine Will Need $5 Billion Each Month to Keep Economy Functioning