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    Sovereign Tribal Members Ask For International Intervention Following Lockdowns
    Greece Bans Unvaccinated People From Indoor Public Spaces 
    Poland-Belarus Border Crisis: Iraqi Migrants Begin to Exit
    Austria Orders Lockdown for Unvaccinated Citizens
    Police Say Deadly Blast Outside UK Hospital Was an Act of Terrorism
    Lukashenko Threatens to Cut Off Europe's Gas Supply as Crisis Continues at Polish-Belarusian Border
    Increasing Number of Migrants Gather at Poland-Belarus Border 
    REPORT: Iran Says It Has ‘Doubled’ Uranium Enrichment Stockpile as Talks with West Loom
    British Gov. Considering Making Online Trolling a Criminal Offense, Complete With Prison Time
    Top Pentagon Official: Almost 450 Americans Still Stranded In Afghanistan
    Top Pentagon Official: ISIS-K Could Be Able To Attack US Within A Year
    One Australian State Reopened While Another Fines Unvaccinated People $5,000
    Taiwan Strengthening Military To Defend Against China
    Anti-Vaccine Passport Protestor Blasted With Water Cannons In Slovenia
    Former French President Sarkozy Sentenced to a Year in Prison
    Taliban Invasion of Kabul Preceded by Empty Threat of US Airstrikes: Report
    Germany Elects Two Transgender Women to Parliament 
    Terrorist Who Killed 13 US Servicemembers In Kabul Was Freed After Biden Withdrawal
    BREAKING: White House Confirms Kabul Drone Strike a Tragic ‘Mistake’ That Killed 3 Adults, 7 Children
    China Denounced US-UK-Australia Pact as Narrow-Minded and Extremely Irresponsible
    Pope Warns European Nations Against Being Too ‘Self-Centered’ During Eastern European Tour
    Thousands March in Paris against COVID Passes