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China Attempting to Draw U.S. Into Four Separate Wars, One With Terrorist Group

Expert claims CCP may have played a role in the recent Hamas attack against Israel, noting that China formed a strategic alliance with Palestine months before the assault

The world is still reeling from grotesque images and video coming from Israel, where members of the Islamist militant group Hamas recently unleashed an attack that resulted in the deaths of more than 900 Israelis.

There remains widespread speculation as to whether other organizations or governments played a role in the facilitation of the operation. However, one possibility under consideration is that the Hamas attack is part of a widespread effort by China to catastrophically weaken the United States by drawing America into multiple simultaneous conflicts.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are planning a major war against the U.S., according to investigative reporter and East Asia expert Joshua Philipp. As he stated in a recent video, the CCP is planning to draw the U.S. into four separate conflicts, “and they believe at least one of these needs to be a terrorist organization.” It is possible that Hamas could be that group.

The most important piece connecting China to Hamas, Philipp says, is that in June of this year CCP leader Xi Jinping personally met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and announced the establishment of a China-Palestine strategic partnership.

China hosted the meeting as part of its push to expand its influence in the Middle East. The visit, during which Xi said China and Palestinians were “good friends and good partners,” was Abbas’ fifth to China.

Following Hamas’ recent attack against Israel, China called for a ceasefire and its foreign ministry said, “The fundamental way out of the conflict lies in implementing the two-state solution and establishing an independent State of Palestine.”

The overall strategy behind splitting U.S. attention between multiple conflicts, as Philipp explained, is to weaponize America’s free and open society against it, as outlined in a speech given by Xi’s top advisor, Jin Canrong:

Of course, we could have other evil tactics such as furthering the chaos of the world. But the problem with the United States is that it is truly diverse. Among Western countries, the U.S. enjoys the highest degree of democracy. Of course, diversity has one advantage. The people have freedom, such as freedom of speech. But it’s comes with disadvantages too. It’s very difficult for the people to come to a consensus. The best scenario for the U.S. is that it has a very clear external enemy. If there are two enemies, the United States will lose its focus.

This was the situation before World War II. There were two enemies, one Nazi Germany and the other, the Red Scare, the Soviet Union. Because of that, the U.S. started fighting internally even before the war began. Now, if there were three external enemies for the U.S., you could see how that would be a mess, let alone four. So China’s strategic goal is to make sure that the U.S. has four enemies and one of them must be a terrorist group. Russia is like one, but it’s not enough.

During an interview with Timcast News, Philipp said he believes that the CCP was involved in the Hamas attack as part of a wider effort to draw the U.S. into another war.

“I think the CCP was one of the main forces; Iran definitely; and probably North Korea as well,” he explained. “Why would they do it? The agenda.”

Iran has denied involvement in the attack, though intelligence experts suggest Iran is lying, noting that it is the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, which it executes through proxies to maintain plausible deniability.

Other reporting has shown that North Korean arms have been found in the inventory of weapons Hamas fired on Israelis, a claim verified by unnamed Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) specialists who spoke with Timcast News.

Despite the perception that North Korea’s military is largely irrelevant, Pyongyang has been one of the world’s leading arms exporters. In the weeks prior to Hamas’ attack, North Korea sold weapons to several Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Qatar.

Philipp continued:

If Hamas wanted to overthrow Israel, they wouldn’t do it like this. You don’t grab a bunch of hostages and run back to your house if you don’t want to have a hostage situation. They wanted to lure Israel into this. The question is, why did they want to lure them into it? I think it’s because they’re trying to spark a global terror threat. Again, I think they want all the proxy forces of Hamas, of Hezbollah, and all the far-left groups tied into the global terror movement to see the imagery of this, and they’re going to link it with Israel and possibly the United States, even Europe, and they’re going to start launching terrorist attacks again.

Philipp explained that it all plays into the CCP’s “Four Wars” agenda, because China needs the U.S. so committed to multiple global military interventions that it will be unable to intervene when China moves to re-take Taiwan.

“If they invade Taiwan, they can’t take the brunt of the U.S. reaction,” he said. “They need America focused on Russia. They need America focused on terror threats. They need America focused on the drug cartels or something in Latin America.”

Three days after the attack, Hamas called for “global jihad,” telling Muslims around the world to target Jewish people and their supporters on Friday, Oct. 13.

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