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    Senator Introducing 'FAUCI Act' After NIAID Head Called Him a 'Moron' on Hot Mic
    Senate Filibuster Changes Thwarted by Sinema and Manchin
    Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Businesses Blocked By The Supreme Court
    Biden's Speaks on the Anniversary of the January 6th Capitol Riots
    Dr. Anthony Fauci Entitled to Largest Federal Retirement Package in History
    New York Proposes Ending Religious Exemptions, Inoculations Without Parental Consent & Forced 'Removal' of Disease 'Cases, Contacts & Carriers'
    Biden Administration Asks For Emergency Reinstatement of Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers
    Photojournalist Sues Jan 6 Committee To Block Subpoena 
    Recently Released JFK Documents Met with Disappointment
    Biden Administration Expected to Release Records on JFK's Assassination Wednesday
    Senate Enables Debt Ceiling Increase Without Filibuster
    Senate Rejects Bid to Stop Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia
    DeSantis Calls for a New Florida Military Force He Would Control
    Judge Rules Government Exceeded Its Power With Pandemic Relief Funding Provision
    House Republicans Introduce Legislation That Would Federally Decriminalize Marijuana
    Biden Selects Former FDA Head to Run Agency
    Biden Administration Collected Records From Millions of Gun Owners
    Senator Ted Cruz Filed Bill to Block Vaccine Mandate for Kids
    An Estimated 12,000 Air Force Members Have Refused Vaccination Orders
    DHS Spends Over $450K on ‘Security Fence’ Around President Biden’s Beach Home
    Health Appointee Rachel Levine Named Four-Star Admiral Under Biden Administration
    Jan 6 Committee Will Vote to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt