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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Proposes Hiring Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Consultant to Improve Michigan's Struggling Foster Care System
Department of Education Changes Eligibility for Student Loan Debt Relief
Former Olympic Figure Skater Confirmed as One of Four New US Ambassadors
House Passes Presidential Election Reform Act
Federal Court Strikes Down Biden Admin Mask, Vaccine Mandates For Head Start Programs
NTSB Recommends All New Vehicles Include Blood Alcohol Monitoring Systems to Prevent Alcohol-Related Crashes
House Republicans Outline Plan to End Fentanyl Crisis
Judge Appoints Special Master to Review Seized Mar-a-Lago Documents
Trump Legal Team Argues He Had 'Extraordinary Discretion' to Classify Records as 'Presidential or Personal'
DOJ Appeals Appointment of Special Master, Wants Classified Records Excluded From Review
VA to Provide Certain Veterans and Beneficiaries Abortions Under Limited Circumstances
Detailed List of Docs FBI Took From Mar-A-Lago Reveals Trump Had Mostly Magazines, Photos & Empty Folders
Michigan Board Deadlocked on Abortion Amendment
Rep. Thomas Massie Says Congressional GOP Can Neuter Biden Agenda Through 'Power of the Purse'
Governor Declares State Of Emergency For Mississippi Capital Without Water
Biden Administration to End Free, At-Home COVID-19 Test Orders This Week
Justice Department Has Completed Its Review of Docs Seized From Mar-A-Lago
Congressman Scott Perry Sues to Prevent the Justice Department from Accessing His Cellphone Records
Obama Economist Calls Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan ‘Reckless’
Dr. Anthony Fauci Announces He Will Step Down in December
DHS Announces Termination of 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
Inflation Reduction Act Adds $80 Billion to IRS budget