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WATCH: Rep. Dan Crenshaw Trips Reporter Questioning Him About Comparisons to John McCain

‘You’re not doing a good job walking backward,’ Crenshaw told the reporter. ‘You’re gonna fall’

Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas was filmed seemingly tripping a reporter who asked about his position on war and comparisons between him and John McCain.

Crenshaw was walking outside the capitol and was approached by a group of reporters from National File. Reporters Patrick Howley and Charles Downs can be heard in a recording of the incident bantering with Crenshaw, who called the group miscreants. 

“How do you like the moniker McCain that you got – McCain 2.0?” National File publisher Noel Fritsch can be heard asking the Republican. 

“There is usually less of you,” said Crenshaw as the reporters continued to ask him questions as he walked. 

“America really hates you, dude. You know that?” Fritsch asked. “You’re aware?”

“You guys should get a job,” said Crenshaw, turning to one of the other men. 

“You should get a job, Dan. Honestly,” responded Downs.

“I have one,” replied Crenshaw. Fritsch went on to refer to Crenshaw as being part of the parasite class.

“You like taking taxpayer dollars to do jacks—?” Fritsch asked as the group approached Independence Ave.

“You’re not doing a good job walking backward,” Crenshaw responded. “You’re gonna fall.”

Crenshaw then told the “bottom feeders” to “have a good day” as they approached the steps.

In the video captured by Howley, Crenshaw appears to look down and stick his feet in the path of Fritsch who is filming him on a cell phone as they approach a set of stairs. Fritsch stumbles but does not fall.  

“Careful. Don’t be an idiot,” Crenchsaw can be heard saying in alternative footage captured by Fritch as he walks up the stairs. “What’s it like being an emasculated little turd?”

The National File published a report on the incident saying the congressman “allegedly intentionally assaulted” Fritsch.

Howley and Downs confirmed to Timcast News that Fritsch is filing a police report.

The incident comes amid a tense day in Washington, D.C. as House Republicans are currently voting on a new Speaker after Congressman Kevin McCarthy was removed from office. Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, who is currently serving as House Majority Leader, received 113 votes during a closed-door meeting on Oct. 11 while Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio received 99. 

Crenshaw has been critical of the eight Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy, calling them “enemies” while speaking with the media.

“This handful of members is very clearly looking for notoriety over principle,” Crenshaw said, per Fox News. “That’s what it is, and anyone who suggests differently is in some sort of make-believe, fantasy reality.”

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