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DOJ 'Hacked the Hackers' To Bring Down Ransomware Network
DeSantis Proposes Making Child Rapists Eligible For Death Penalty, Allowing Capital Punishment Without Unanimous Jury
Judge Orders Police to Release Footage of Paul Pelosi Attack
Kia and Hyundai Sued by Seattle for Alleged Role in Increased Car Thefts
Oklahoma Elementary School Worker Arrested for Solicitation and Possession of Child Porn After Being Busted By 'Predator Poachers' Sting (VIDEO)
Illinois Man Charged with Setting Fire to Planned Parenthood, Says He Was Upset About Ex-Girlfriend Who Had an Abortion Years Earlier
Gov. Newsom Calls Second Amendment 'Suicide Pact'
High School Teacher, Youth Pastor Among 46 Arrested In Texas Sex Trafficking Sting
Massachusetts Congresswoman Addresses Arrest of 'Nonbinary' Child Who Allegedly Assaulted Police
West Virginia Teen Who Killed Four Family Members Will Be Eligible for Parole in 15 years
Fox News Meteorologist Attacked By Group of Teens on NYC Subway
Arizona Gas Station Worker Shoots Failed Robber Who Was Pointing Gun At Customer
Police Kill Active Shooter Inside Indiana Walmart, 'We Go In, We Don't Pause'
CBP Officers Seize Over $7.5 Million in Marijuana Hidden Inside Cotton Candy Shipment
Just 5% of U.S. Counties Produce 73% of All Murders
Texas Man Admits To Scamming Seniors In 11 States Out Of $1.6 Million
Following 'Defund the Police' Movement, New Orleans Creates Task Force To Tackle Soaring Crime
Good Mom With a Gun: Louisiana Woman Fatally Shoots Home Invader to Protect Her Children
NJ Woman Sentenced to Three Years in Prison Over $400,000 GoFundMe Scam About Homeless Man
Body of Kenyan LGBTQ Activist Found in Metal Box
University of Idaho Murders: Court Documents Reveal Roommate Saw Masked Man on the Morning of Attack
Family Shot Dead In Utah Home, Five Children Among Victims