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    All Three Men Found Guilty of Murder in Ahmaud Arbery Case
    Suspect Who Plowed Through a Christmas Parade Has History of Violent Crime, Released on Bail Two Days Prior
    Colorado Considering Changing the Term 'Sex Offender' Because of 'Negative Effects'
    Fentanyl Dealer To Plead Guilty In Mac Miller’s Death
    Portland Reports Smallest Police Force Since 1989 as Crime Rate Hits All-Time High
    LAPD Tells Residents to ‘Cooperate and Comply’ with Robbers Amid Rise in Burglaries
    Texas Woman Arrested for Pointing Loaded Gun at 7-Year-Old Trick-or-Treater
    Man Dressed As Joker Goes on Stabbing Rampage, Injures 17 People in Tokyo on Halloween (VIDEO)
    US Active-Duty Soldier Indicted for Murders of Grandfather and Great-Grandmother
    Jussie Smollett Will Go On Trial Over False Police Report
    Maryland Governor Vows to ‘Re-Fund the Police’ to ‘Increase Crime Control’
    Penn School Teacher Allegedly Threatened A Shooting After COVID Barrier Was Taken Down
    Grand Jury Indicts St. Louis Activist on 'Conspiracy to Commit Arson' for Allegedly Burning 7-Eleven During BLM Riot
    Black Woman Pretended to be KKK Member and Threatened Neighbors
    Two 14-Year-Olds Stabbed Outside of High School in New York, Continuing Trend of Youth Stabbings in US
    Capital Gazette Gunman Ordered to Serve Five Life Sentences
    R. Kelly Found Guilty in Sex-Trafficking Trial in New York
    Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Domestic Violence, Sex with Minors at Fort McCoy
    Customs and Border Protection Capture 61-Year-Old Wanted for Sexually Assaulting Child in Texas
    West Virginia’s Crime Rates Decline After State Adopts Constitutional Carry Law
    BREAKING: Shooting at Virginia High School, Suspect 'Not in Custody'
    Minnesota Man Charged with Murder After Being Freed by Bail Fund Promoted by Kamala Harris