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Steven Crowder Releases Photos of Covenant School Shooter's Manifesto

'I wish to shoot you weakass dicks w/ your mop yellow hair,' Audrey Hale allegedly wrote. 'Wanna kill all you little crackers!!!'

New details about Audrey Hale’s motivation to attack the Covenant School have emerged thanks, in part, to Steve Crowder.

Hale, a transgender-identifying biological female, killed three first graders and three staff members in March after entering the Christian School. The 28-year-old was ultimately killed by police who responded to the shooting. Her manifesto was discovered by law enforcement shortly after the attack.

New images of the reported diary and manifesto left behind by the shooter show that Hale used explicitly anti-white language when describing her plans to attack the school.

On Nov. 6, Crowder, a conservative social media personality, announced on X that one of his supporters had obtained images of Hale’s handwritten manifesto.

On a page dated March 27, 2023 and titled “Death Day,” Hale wrote that she was “ready.”

“I can’t believe its [sic] here… I’m a little nervous, but excited too. Been excited for the past 2 weeks,” wrote Hale. “Can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m ready… I hope my victims aren’t.”

“God let my wrath take over my anxiety,” she continued. “It might be 10 minutes top. It might be 3-7. Its gunna go quick [sic]. I hope I have a high death count.”

Hale signed the note “Ready to die haha.”

Another page shared by Crowder – date Feb. 3, 2023 – reads “Kill those Kids!!!’

“Those crackers… going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis + sports backpacks w/ their… daddies mustangs + convertables, [sic]” the message reads. “F— you little s—s.”

“I wish to shoot you weakass dicks w/ your mop yellow hair,” the writer added. “Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little f—-ts w/ your white privilege. [sic] F— you f—-ts.”

A photo of the spiral-bound notebook that reportedly belonged to Hale includes a detailed “later schedule” for “Death Day.”

News outlets have repeatedly called for the public release of the manifesto but law enforcement has yet to comply. The Star News Network filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation in May, arguing the agency “has no right to retain a monopoly on this information.”

“It has been long enough, and the public has an urgent right to know why this tragedy happened, how future events may be prevented, and what policies should be in place to address this and other similar tragedies,” the lawsuit states. “There is simply no reason why FBI cannot release the manifesto. In fact, in the most recent mass shootings involving FBI, manifestos were released to the press sometimes within hours of the attack.”

The FBI said its Behavioral Analysis Unit was working with the Nashville Police Department to conduct an “in-depth analysis of certain aspects of the shooter’s life” and the manifesto would be released once the review was complete.

LGBTQ groups, including leaders of Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere and the Log Cabin Republicans, have opposed the release of the manifesto. 

Parents of students at The Covenant School have asked for the manifesto not to be publicly released in its entirety. 

“This Court can shield Jane Doe and John Doe from a lifetime of abuse and harassment by the shooter from beyond the grave,” wrote the attorneys for the parents in court filings in May, per WKRN. “The Parents believe that the large tranche of documents they do not object to will provide the public with the information needed to understand this horrific crime.”

A spokesperson from the Metro Nashville Police Department commented on the documents presented by Crowder in a statement to The Tennessee Star.

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