Articles by Cassandra MacDonald

Cassandra Fairbanks has been working as a journalist for over a decade and a half and has a strong interest in covering stories that the mainstream media will not touch. Her writing and video reports have appeared in countless publications across the globe.

DeSantis Says His Admin Will Work With Legislature to Stop Sex Change Drugs and Procedures Being Given to Minors
Transgender Person Charged With Indecent Exposure for Getting Naked in Front of Young Girls in YMCA Locker Room
Iowa Republicans Introducing Bill to Make Manufacturing or Prescribing Abortion Drugs a Felony
Indiana Man Ordered to Pay Restitution After Throwing Nails in the Driveways of Homes With Pro-Trump and Anti-Biden Signs
WATCH: Rogan Calls for Ye to Be Reinstated on Twitter: 'Enough Already'
Surgeon General Warns That 13-Year-Old Children Are Too Young to Be On Social Media
BREAKING: Protesters Begin Marching in Memphis Minutes After Release of Tyre Nichols Body Cam Footage
Rep. Omar Claims That Speaker McCarthy Removing Her From Africa Subcommittee is 'Racist' and 'Xenophobic'
Georgia Governor Declares 15 Day State of Emergency, Deploys National Guard in Anticipation of Tyre Nichols and 'Cop City' Riots
DeSantis Proposes Making Child Rapists Eligible For Death Penalty, Allowing Capital Punishment Without Unanimous Jury
DeSantis Endorses Removing Ronna McDaniel From RNC Leadership Ahead of Friday's Vote
Oklahoma Elementary School Worker Arrested for Solicitation and Possession of Child Porn After Being Busted By 'Predator Poachers' Sting (VIDEO)
Project Veritas Releases Video of Pfizer Exec Discussing 'Mutating' COVID-19 With 'Directed Evolution'
Illinois Man Charged with Setting Fire to Planned Parenthood, Says He Was Upset About Ex-Girlfriend Who Had an Abortion Years Earlier