Green Room #21: Lily Tang Williams
Kash Patel & Adrian Norman Member Podcast: Women Says She Got RAPED In The Metaverse, Tim Says Alex jones For Press Secretary
Will Witt & Ava Member Podcast: AOC Pissed At Elon, Crew Talks Davos WEF, Bill Gates, And Klaus Schwab
Eron Wolf & Ian Mason Member Podcast: Netflix CANS Woke Staff, Crew Talks Silicon Valley Imploding Over Trump
Joe Allen Member Podcast: Bill Maher Trans Kids Are A TREND, Crew Discusses Transhumanism And Importance Of Hard Work
Lily Tang Williams Member Podcast: Genital Nullification Surgery, Trans Female REGRETS Hormones, Communists Taking Over
Libby Emmons & Elad Eliahu Member Podcast: Bush SLIPS And Says Iraq invasion Was Wrong, ESG Scores, Crew Gets HEATED Over Ukraine War
Jamie Kilstein Member Podcast: Transgender Males Breastfeed Babies For Their Wives By Inducing Location With Hormones
Green Room #20: Ashley St Clair
Will Chamberlain Member Podcast: FBI Targets Anti-Woke Parents, Will Is Invisible And Doesn't Speak The Whole Time
Julio Rosas Member Podcast: Bill Gates Invests In Lab Grown BreastMilk, Society Is Falling Apart
Matthew Foldi Member Podcast: Parent Tries Reading Porn Gender Queer Book From Kids School, Woke Board Is SHOCKED
Darryl Cooper Member Podcast: Elon Musk Says HE MIGHT DIE, Crew Talks Clinton Body Count And 2000 Mules
Ashley St. Clair Member Podcast: Tim DEBUNKS His Own Journalist, Pfizer Data Story Was WRONG, Tim Gets Pissed
Allum Bokhari & Jon Schweppe Member Podcast: Madison Cawthorne Leaked
Helena Kerschner Member Podcast: Planned Parenthood's History Of Eugenics & Giving Kids Cross Sex Hormones
Danny Polishchuk Member Podcast: Barricades Up At SCOTUS After Roe V Wade Overturn Leaks
Green Room #19: Derek Harvey
Jon Nicosia Member Podcast: Illinois School Forces Kids To Support Trans Politics, Crew Talks Gay Culture And Marriage
Sharyl Attkisson Member Podcast: Megan Fox Says She DRINKS BLOOD In Rituals, Crew Talks Hollywood Pedo Scandals
Derek Harvey Member Podcast: Biden Reported To Have $5.2M In Unexplained Income, China Has Infiltrated The US At Every Level
Ron Bassilian Member Podcast: Rogan Says He Gained 2M Subs Over N Word Scandal, Tim Shows Censored Cartoon We Made