We Legit Invented A NEW Action Sport, Behold Extreme BLAKING

[youtube-feed-single]its like those old timey bikes with huge wheels but for rollerbladers

skateboarding is over, just you wait, in ten years Blaking is guna be all the rage

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8 responses to “We Legit Invented A NEW Action Sport, Behold Extreme BLAKING”

  1. Rwright85 says:

    Because it’s his… house… welcome to being a home owner.

  2. Masshole says:

    I’m sure he cares what you think about his weight. Way to tell em!

  3. NathanTheDestroyer says:

    3 years ago My Girlfriend left roller derby and I put aside the skateboard. We learnt how to RollerSkate vert Ramps and Bowls, we now have a 6ft half pipe in the backyard and skate all different spots everyday with all codes that roll! Best thing ever to change it up, we are like teenagers again. Get some hang time Tim!

  4. Georgiegirl1216 says:

    Why are you destroying your house?

  5. micfail says:

    Tim clearly needs to start watching what he eats a bit better, he’s getting a bit pudgy. You can’t hide that, no matter how much you try to suck in that gut. It’s a simple equation: calories in minus calories out. There’s really no excuse for him being overweight unless he was way more buff than he is, if he continues on this track I will lose a lot of respect for him.

  6. Deskis says:

    How do I get a “pod”?

  7. Mcstarcher says:

    This is why we can’t have nice thing.s

  8. HookDriver says:

    No need for Lamborghini’s and infinity pools when you can live through your inner 12 year old. LOL. Glad to see someone is having fun with work. Live the dream!!