Timcast IRL - Cenk Uygur Says Conservatives Are LOSING The Culture War w/Charlie Kirk

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21 responses to “Timcast IRL – Cenk Uygur Says Conservatives Are LOSING The Culture War w/Charlie Kirk”

  1. cdeboer2013 says:

    Charlie kirk is a Rino and turning point USA is a fake conservative platform that is very distant to actual conservative values.

  2. mainten84 says:

    Anyone remember old Charlie saying “America is just an idea”????? It’s my country, my home. Screw that Judas goat.

  3. colinswe says:

    blah blah blah can’t can’t can’t this is why we are screwed

  4. ConanHorus says:

    You should get Tim Ballard (Operation Underground Railroad) on sometime.

  5. Keegan501 says:

    Wow, really great conversations in this video. I’ve been watching Tim and Charlie for the last 5 years and I’m impressed by how much each of them has grown in their respective view points, all by just talking through these issues. Really great point about the fundamentals of Occupy Wall Street and how the culture war is shaping up.

  6. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    I still love listing to you guys as i draw, I would love to be on your show one day.

  7. MadManTV says:

    Over the course of the last year we have in my opinion found ourselves in the midst of a communist tactic known as struggle sessions. Would you agree? Let’s have this discussion.

  8. rmcmurray says:

    As a Canadian, the pulling of our queens statue is an abomination. She served as a nurse in World War 2, she actually signed the Charter of Rights, and made us a nation in 1982.

  9. tjkam says:

    I would like to see the Citigroup document leaked during Occupy Wall Street on the US being an Oligopoly. Does anyone have a link?

  10. Kkaye13 says:

    Another critique here just on your defense of considering to be left I do agree however, as a single mother, who pays all my own bills. I make 11 dollars an hour, however I make 13 dollars a month “over” what’s deemed necessary to be accepted to ANY “program” for help. I rent a house “under the table” so a guy up north can keep it in his name to write it off on taxes. No foodstamps, no assistance and surely no daycare help. The idea of the programs are awesome, seems I’d be doing myself a favor financially however at this point to quit my job. I already left one job making more money because I couldn’t afford the gas and daycare after the continued sending my child home for two weeks.

  11. Kkaye13 says:

    I think the only reason you’d feel positively about universal healthcare, is because you don’t work in healthcare. Look too the VA supposed to be “free” healthcare. However if you go to the ER because there isn’t an approved facility within 30 miles (common in my area) you must alert them personally within 24 hours, or they pay nothing. If they deem your visit not an emergency, they pay nothing. Sad system. However, the health care industry we have now is just shit in general.

  12. Shepanskij says:

    Check out joe rogan interview with bret wienstin and kory guy last week on ivermectin and covid, amazing! Spotify if free for two months now.

  13. Bosco912 says:

    Tim and Co, maybe yall could try scheduling the lightweights on Fridays if there’s no bonus segment on Fridays. Killin’ us! Haha nah, keep up the great work. I subbed when yall had Bannon.

  14. MollyMyMutt says:

    There’s not a bonus segment on Fridays.

  15. Mcstarcher says:

    Get involved in your local politics! I can’t stress how important this is.

  16. Danhenry918 says:

    No bonus. only reason for me to pay subscription. I forgive you tim you and crew work your ass off keep up the good work.

  17. preyingmathis says:


  18. mag568nus says:

    they don’t do bonus segments for the Friday night show

  19. BeLogical says:

    It’s hard to listen to a censored conversation now that we get the bonus clips. So where is it?

  20. Gypsyprincess says:

    Is there no bonus segment to this show?

  21. beuwulf says:

    where’s the bonus clip?…..

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