We Found Delicious Old Meats While Cleaning The RV

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6 responses to “We Found Delicious Old Meats While Cleaning The RV”

  1. techleprechaun says:

    What I got back from my email:

    “Sorry for the inconvenience, we didn’t have a livestream for a couple of days. Hopefully this week we will be back on track and Tim will announce it as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    I’ll update somewhere if they answer my follow up.

  2. bEelZe31 says:

    So all that tough talk about bending the knee I guess is done right?

  3. Jay1 says:

    They were censored by YT, threatened to get taken down. Can’t spread awareness as quickly with a major platform taken away, so better to let it cool off.

  4. zencat says:

    Hope everyone is ok. An update would be nice…hint hint.

  5. Tengu3Gun says:

    All we’re getting is boring little offerings with Timcast’s B-Cast, these days. If Tim and Lydia were going to take a break, don’t you think it would have been polite to at least tell us beforehand? That’s what people that respect you would do, for all the support we’re giving them, so…


  6. Chruck1990 says:

    What’s going on with the podcast guys? I watch as soon as it’s posted everyday….I’m going crazy 🤯🤪😅