Rumble Acquires Dave Rubin's 'Locals' Platform, Ian Wigs Out

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia sit down with Charles Fain Lehman of the Manhattan Institute to discuss how Rumble acquired Dave Rubin’s Locals social platform.

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8 responses to “Rumble Acquires Dave Rubin's 'Locals' Platform, Ian Wigs Out”

  1. Rellalowry says:

    I agree with the above, get Dave on the show to discuss it. If he won’t do it, well that tells us something.

  2. idiocracyoverreach says:

    Ok rumble just took down a video we had on ashley babbitt! It was a video of a local man who made an ashley babbitt tribute sign interspersed with a clip of her murder- i dont know if the image was taken down for violence or just from tagging it “ashleybabbit trump jan6”- but no email response from rumble as of this moment…

  3. Waterrose says:

    . . . Tim is absolutely correct here. We are choosing to give away our money to those entitys that would restrict us and take away our freedoms! Make your own content. Own your own shit.

  4. Rockermom96 says:

    Do it Tim: start the media revolution!

  5. DanceswithElephants1 says:

    Totally agree

  6. bastiat88 says:

    Here is an idea. Maybe have Dan and Dave on the show, together or separately and ASK them what happened. Instead of yapping, about something way over your activity and expertise level.

    The last thing we need to do is eat our own. Dan and Dave are on the side of liberty and freedom and making money in a free society is NOT a sign of evil intent or failure.

    You sound like children.

  7. YoMama says:

    I’m mystified by the pushback. If we want an uncensored alternative to “big tech”, it ain’t gonna be little… at least not for long once a couple hundred million people subscribe to it. I wouldn’t be shocked they acquired Substack as well.

    Maybe Ian would be okay with it if Rumble pledges to provide funding for graphene research.

  8. tkal6 says:

    I’m kinda with Ian. I feel a bit used Dave.