Veteran Martial Arts Master Schools Crew On Fighting


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3 responses to “Veteran Martial Arts Master Schools Crew On Fighting”

  1. DoriansCurse says:

    So apparently the cast castle YouTube channel is updating properly, but I check on the site here daily and don’t see all the videos. Is there a possible issue with the article posting the linked video to compared to the YouTube channel? I know I checked yesterday (because when I saw no new videos I went super far back to find something I hadn’t watched yet) but then today it shows 3 new videos saying they were posted the last 3 days? Is this a website issue or what? Either way, that is what I saw on my end. Just letting y’all know cause I prefer to watch on as everything is in one place. Perhaps I should start going to the YouTube channel directly to get my daily videos on cast castle. Thanks for all the vids! I love watching them every day!

  2. DoriansCurse says:

    Also, it is my understanding when you do the burpee with the medicine ball when you stand up and throw the ball it is one explosive movement, you don’t stand up and then throw the ball, you use the legs and arms as you are rising up to explode upwards and push the ball away from you, if that makes any sense. That is just how we were taught to do it in cardio class and that is how he did it in the video. You can see when he rises upwards and throws the ball his feet actually leave the ground cause he is “exploding” upwards during the medicine ball throw(like a jump shot in basketball?). This puts the legs and butt along with the upper body into throwing the ball instead of only using the arms core and chest.

  3. DoriansCurse says:

    I love watching these everyday, but my one complaint is how inconsistently they are posted. I really wish there was one posted per day on a set schedule instead of nothing for 3 or 4 days then getting 3 or 4 videos all at once. That is my only criticism. I get a longing to watch the new day’s video but then nothing gets uploaded.