US Air Force Preps For Possible WAR With China, They Are Buying Weapons For The Pacific, Not Desert

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and fellow YouTuber Seamus Coughlin to examine why the US military appears to be changing their strategies as relates to war overseas.

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Guest: Seamus Coughlin
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One response to “US Air Force Preps For Possible WAR With China, They Are Buying Weapons For The Pacific, Not Desert”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    I first watched Tim on Rogan, but not the one you think. It was when he was on the show by himself. …
    Being of the life of a Marine Veteran, I’m partial to knowing what’s going on around the world when it comes to war and possible conflicts. On that episode, Tim spoke of Guam, if I remember currently, and other possible conflicts around the world that I didn’t know. I let myself become blissfully ignorant. After watching that Rogan episode I went to check out Tim on his own podcast. Well… now I’m a Timcast.com member since day one of registration.
    Tim didn’t talk much about global conflicts June 2020 or most of last year. Like he said back then, there’s no need to find conflict around the globe with so much going on in our own country to not have to look elsewhere for it. Now when it seems military conflict may come to our shores or at least to our military…
    Tim is doing an excellent job on informing us on what’s going on with our own country. I really appreciate his insights and the articles he shares. I usually go and read most the articles and even click on the sources links in the article. Which helps me be more in the know, myself, and not just knowing only what Tim tells us. We must have our own opinions and self acquired knowledge.
    Keep up the great work Timcast. Thanks for bringing all this very important news to us.
    Smash that Like Button and Spin the UFO (old school style)