Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends

[youtube-feed-single]Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends. Democrats are definitely hyping up the fear of conflict as the Biden administration brings the war on terror home.

While the GOP and many republicans seem totally disinterested in engaging in any kind of battle for culture Trump supporters are a very different bunch.

Unwilling to back down Trump supporters are expressing fears that conflict is coming and we may be headed to civil war.


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6 responses to “Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends”

  1. Travisty says:

    A close personal friend says 8 months before something life changingly chaotic. I tend to be more optimistic, and I’m a skeptic. Oddly though I have been hearing a lot of people having very very violent nightmares, I’ve had them they ruin my mood for hours. They all involve government force against it’s people, your dream included.

  2. Masshole says:

    Also, Bannon said we got spanked fair and square in the GA runoff election. He said he has seen proof of fraud in the General election. He did not accept a legitimate defeat in the Presidential Election. At least not what he said on your show.

  3. Masshole says:

    You got one thing right for sure in regard to the election results. You said that you don’t know all that much about it. This is true. If you took the deep dive you would change your tune. Even the things that are undeniable are enough to have changed the election. There are enough various and verifiable inconsistencies to call the election rigged and there is proof of enough “mistakes” to change the outcome of the election in whole. You just don’t know about it because you spend all your time reading newsguard verified sources.

  4. MaineWolf says:

    We shall see. Optimistically doubtful…

  5. LibertyInTrust says:

    Trust in God. Focus not on the day to day negative news. You will find it if you look for it, on the daily. Everything is on the right course. As much as we don’t like it. This is how it needs to play out. Good news. The Truth, the righteous, and the Light Wins. Keep the faith. Zoom out, and stay focused.

  6. Koko says:

    So many miserable people in the world.