Trump Joins Forces With Rumble In Major Announcement

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join friend and president of Powering The Future Daniel Turner to analyze Trump’s decision to join forces against big tech with Rumble.

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One response to “Trump Joins Forces With Rumble In Major Announcement”

  1. IrateModerate says:

    I always hear about Youtube’s “3 strikes you’re out policy” sounds fair right? Wrong! My channel was up for 5 years, zero strikes, none. Then on Dec 11, 2020 YouTube suspended my ch for “repeated violations of community guidelines”
    Seriously? I appealed, was rejected and told there was no recourse.

    YouTube is completely arbitrary and doesn’t follow their own policy. Fortunately I didn’t depend on the revenue, my motivation was to expose the false narratives. Someone had to do it and I had the time. Guess YouTube didn’t like it