Timothy Olyphant Is Returning For 'Justified' Show Revival

Listen to the full length show: Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/1tY1D8eg4QDzjCXF0tIWwl?si=435937562cfd4354 …

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4 responses to “Timothy Olyphant Is Returning For 'Justified' Show Revival”

  1. Coachburt says:

    The new season is a limited seires, which i take as 1 and done, it also is based on a story by Elmore Leonard, I like most are hoping the writers don’t go woke!

  2. jcguitarplayerRN says:

    Loved this show. Watched it several times through. I’ll stay cautiously optimistic on this one.

  3. One of the best shows ever!

  4. James_Norred says:

    I loved Justified; I have it and Deadwood full seasons DVD collections. I’ll give the re-boot one chance not to be woke, and I’ll either watch it or not. I don’t want to ruin my love for the show if it turns into woke bullshit.