Timcast IRL - Yale Speaker Expresses Desire To Execute White People w/ GPrime85 & FreedomToons

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4 responses to “Timcast IRL – Yale Speaker Expresses Desire To Execute White People w/ GPrime85 & FreedomToons”

  1. Yoshi says:

    i love ian more each episode. God bless yall. buy btc

  2. dakota1bmx says:

    You guys should really do a separate RSS feed than YouTube so you can get your FULL unedited for “CryBabyTube” show up on all the other platforms including your site. What you said at the beginning that was clipped out wasn’t anywhere near what some other folks on the platform talk about who aren’t forced to take “sensitive” things out of their videos just so it stays up.

    • CryptoRemo says:

      I second this. I think members should be able to get the full, unedited version. Tech difficulties happen, only so much you can do there. But pandering to YouTube on your own website? Screw that noise. I haven’t logged into YouTube in over a year now. Platform is trash. Not to mention the entire website is insanely gimped if you don’t log-in. So that’s pretty messed up considering I still remember a time where you didn’t need to log-in to access basic features on YouTube.