China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China

[youtube-feed-single]China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China. The Pentagon has been buying less armaments designed for middle eastern conflict and has been buying weapons designed for pacific combat.

The movement of resources as well as a shift from Democrats and joe Biden suggest that war with China may be coming.

As we enter the fourth turning and come fact to face with Thucydides trap it begins to seem more and more likely that Trump was right about China and the Democrats will have no choice but to confront an inevitable war.


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3 responses to “China Threatens US With NUCLEAR WAR Over COVID Investigation As Pentagon Arms For War With China”

  1. Macatac007 says:

    So what had happen happened is something like, ok,
    So when you were a kid and someone wanted to ask you a question on why you weren’t in school last week. You say you were sick, then someone asked what did you have? You blow him off because it’s none of that someone’s business, he leaves you alone. Then, the whole class is out for a week and they’re all sick with same symptoms and kids in your class are hospitalized because it’s so bad.
    That someone now wants to know why, and ask you again you tell him nothing, but warn him if you keep pursuing what happened, you tell him, ” if you don’t stop asking questions you will come to school with guns and kill everyone.
    Does anyone think that’s a l’il extreme Tim? I’m sure you didn’t get sick on purpose & 100% likely you didn’t make everyone sick on purpose, but now saying you will kill everyone if they keep asking questions? Does thou protest way way way and way to much

  2. Kexessa says:

    Add to this the Biden Admin has requested Arlington Cemetery, where our military are buried, budget to be tripled and a major expansion of the cemetery is planned. We aren’t losing enough military members right now so why? Is someone expecting a major increase in military dead??

  3. GovernmentIsRape says:

    The US economy was decimated by terrorism from the US government, not yet another flu virus. Yes China helped by trying to cover up the outbreak and destroying evidence, they’re evil too.