Timcast IRL - Texas School Principal SUSPENDED Over Teaching CRT, Parents Furious w/Chloe Valdary

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7 responses to “Timcast IRL – Texas School Principal SUSPENDED Over Teaching CRT, Parents Furious w/Chloe Valdary”

  1. MrSooop says:

    Okay well, the empire would have crushed them like bugs and think nothing of it so probably good that the Ewoks helped. But still shady the way they did it.

  2. Bignate says:

    It is so simple: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” These fundamental rights are endowed on every human being by his or her Creator, and are often referred to as “natural rights.” Only under carefully limited circumstances can such natural rights be taken away as people have the freedom to exercise them as they choose.”

  3. Abakan971 says:

    *limited influence and reach she can have on people.

  4. Abakan971 says:

    The problem with her outlook is that she is dismissive of the fact that some people will choose to be bad people. It’s nice to think you can fix and unwrap every person with issues lashing out at the world, but reality shows you can’t. And you shouldn’t be expected to.
    When discourse fails there comes a point where fighting is the only option. She needs to consider that in her view because she is seeing only half truths and disregarding the influence she can have on people. Some of these people prompting our turmoil are dangerous and violent with no chance of saving them. Not every communist, white supremacist, jihadist, racist, socialist can be reached.
    That is just disconnected from reality.

  5. mlduck83 says:

    What an interesting person Chloe is. Great vibe. I’m not even halfway through this episode but I’m loving they way this guest breaks down Tim’s hard exterior. She’s softening him up and I like it!

  6. MrSooop says:

    If she were to come on the show again sometime with a guest who is a strong Christian, i think it would be beneficial for her and the audience but also for those that she teaches spiritual beliefs to.

    P.S. Ewok lives matter!

  7. MrSooop says:

    I think the guest is interesting.
    About the Star Wars discussion… I think maybe there is like a pop-culture view of spiritual beliefs going on among them. It seems to me they try to give the Darrell Davis guy and some enchantment theory credit for inventing the power of love, lol. I think they should get some props for the will and endurance it that it takes to wield and use love correctly for sure. The light side of spirituality is all about acceptance and unconditional love and stuff like that, always has been. Love is not new though it can be revolutionary act, especially in times like these.
    When Luke sensed the good in his father, that’s a power of the light side. When Luke accepted Darth Vader even with his horrendous faults and chose to love him anyway, that’s most def light side. When Luke turned the other cheek and refused to fight his father, definitely the light side of the force there also. It was the power of love that ultimately saved Anakin then Luke and then the galaxy. That’s the light side.
    I think an argument could be made about Jedi mind tricks though. For some reason this manipulative practice is tolerated because they only work on the weak-minded. Well weak minds are people too. I don’t know, I’m not trying to judge them on that because people who don’t think critically can be tough to deal with. But i think the practice certainly falls at least into the grey category.
    Now what about all the Ewoks who gave their lives to fight the Empire because Luke made them believe that C3PO was a god? May not be using the dark side of the force but it’s still pretty dirty in my opinion. The Ewoks were so primitive that the Empire probably would have left them alone for the most part.