Timcast IRL - Students REFUSE To Wear Masks, Stage School Walk Out w/Daniel Turner And Chris Karr

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6 responses to “Timcast IRL – Students REFUSE To Wear Masks, Stage School Walk Out w/Daniel Turner And Chris Karr”

  1. Anpumesses says:

    the mask issue is more about time, theyre only effective for about 20 to 30 minutes, 60 minutes for N95, after which they start doing more harm then good

  2. Firefox63 says:

    Absolutely agree!

  3. CodyG says:

    Its my understanding that vaccines/treatments authorized under the EUA are almost completely immune from meaningful lawsuits. Whereas manufacturers can be sued for FDA authorized drugs admittedly in narrow circumstances.
    If you get the EUA version of the “vaccine” there’s no legal recourse for any adverse effects, whereas the FDA approved version does provide for legal recourse in a narrow set of circumstances.

  4. Comirety is not currently in production

  5. Parents need to TEACH their kids how to turn into responsible adults. Toughen them up. Life sucks. Learn how to make the best of a shit sandwich. No safe spaces or participation trophy’s.

  6. MrSooop says:

    First, Public health officials: “Masks don’t help, stop wearing masks! ”
    Then, Public health officials: “You have to wear a mask!”
    Later, Public health officials: “We intentionally lied the first time.”
    Will our public health authorities give the public false information in order to goad us into doing whatever it is they want us to do at the time?
    Will our public health officials knowingly lie to the public even when they know that their instructions are actually harmful to people?
    Will our public health organizations justify causing some harm to the public to protect a “greater good”?
    Are officials generally held accountable even when they admit that they knowingly and purposefully caused harm to the public by lying?
    Do mainstream and big tech media monopolies censor dissenting viewpoints and refer the public to these known purveyors of harmful misinformation instead?
    So this collusion of powerful organizations that have admittedly, knowingly, and intentionally manipulated and lied to the public even tk the point of causing them harm “for the greater good”… Are they now trying to force experimental medical procedures on people “for the greater good”?
    Oh wait, thinking is hard. I should probably just shut up, put on my obedience mask, get lots of jabs, and bow down to the television.