Timcast IRL - Steven Crowder Gets HARD STRIKE, Suspended, Over Loudoun Scandal Story w/Jack Murphy

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Steven Crowder Gets HARD STRIKE, Suspended, Over Loudoun Scandal Story w/Jack Murphy”

  1. Rokkahorra says:

    I’m sorry Ian, I don’t think you have a leg to stand on against Crowder, especially in regards to this specific situation. Having a skit where AJ appears as an angel to a female inmate who became pregnant while incarcerated to point out the absurdity of their policy to send people who identify as a woman to the women’s prison. Which situation would you say has a higher chance to result in a female being sexually assaulted: having a biological female inmate rooming with another biological female inmate, or a biological female inmate rooming with a biological male that identifies as a female? Is it “hate-speech” to advocate for the safety of the women in these facilities?

    Ian, I understand your desire to defend the oppressed and the persecuted, but 1) giving into someone’s delusion might seem empathetic but it’s actually dangerous and condescending, 2) not everyone who claims to be oppressed and under constant attack (especially in this day) actually are. Men are taller, stronger, have higher bone density, they have prostates, etc. There are vast differences in the mental proclivities of males and females as well that people want to deny, not because of science, but because of ideology. Saying that a dog is “a four-legged mammal with fur and tails and they occasionally bark” is an accurate, generalized description of a dog. Are there dogs out there that tragically have less than 4 legs or no longer have tails? Of course. Does it invalidate the description? No. Just like describing a dog in that manner isn’t insulting to all the other dogs that it doesn’t apply to, saying that men are stronger than women isn’t a slight on women.
    When you have much higher bone density and more muscle than someone, you will inevitably be stronger than them. Stronger doesn’t equal better; there are tradeoffs from a physical/evolutionary viewpoint since there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to evolution. If you look up the world records for bench press for men and for women, it’s not even close bro. The average male weight lifter will far out perform the top female lifters.

    Tim — you are dead wrong on the all or nothing stance regarding the mandates. That’s the way to get the whole movement shut down. Historically speaking, making incremental progress has had far more success than the all or nothing mentality when it comes to the courts. Getting the courts to grant the exemptions has a high chance of success and provides immediate relief for those in jeopardy as well as lays a foundation for the future contestation of the overall mandate, whereas outright challenging the mandates without these prerequisite precedents set runs the risk of SCOTUS outright ruling in support of government having the authority to issue them. Yes, getting rid of the mandates altogether is the goal, but would likely result in failure.

  2. FreeFolk says:

    Why is it taking us so long to colonize our solar system? Short answer Technology. But if we know that this planet is doomed, why aren’t we working harder? Imagine if there’s a race of beings who have been banished to earth who are not material, but can only interact on a limited basis with us (influence thoughts) and nothing else and they don’t wants us to leave. But Seriously read the book, The Most Powerful Idea in the World, A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention by William Rosen

  3. MrSooop says:

    What happened to the alpaca-cam?
    And will Freedomistan have alpacas?

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