Timcast IRL - Political Catholicism Vs. Cultural Marxism w/Sohrab Amari & Seamus

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One response to “Timcast IRL – Political Catholicism Vs. Cultural Marxism w/Sohrab Amari & Seamus”

  1. michellesings says:

    The Bible speaks only of receiving God’s grace (truly accepting it) as a means to Him. His grace is hard to accept for most ppl. My friend read the Bible all the way through twice and came back and said it just can’t be that easy. He couldn’t accept it. Being a Christ follower, you’re not only given access to an eternal Heaven, it also gives you to an amazing and fascinating life to watch and partake of here on earth and it’s an amazing journey full of grace and favor that only strengthens your faith. It’s not a boring life. I don’t live in some Christian bubble. Many of my friend’s are not Christians and many are liberals, some woke (that’s a bit painful). But I am respected, i think, yet ppl know my beliefs. Btw, Catholisim used to be very different. It’s added a lot of rules that simply aren’t in the Bible. It’s human nature to add rules to religions, whatever the religion is, even nondenominational. That’s BS.
    Christianity is not merely a religion.. Many ppl think they’re Christians because they were born into it. That’s not how it works, sadly. He’s real and an authentic relationship with Him is very possible.
    There IS a verse that says DO not forsake the gathering of yourselves, but it’s because God knew the value of being together. And I, too can vouch for it. You’re not going to hell and you don’t have to do penance if you don’t. In fact, anytime you sin, knowingly or not,, you can talk directly to Father (I know, that sounds kinda odd, but He is).
    Having your closest friends who know you warts and all is invaluable. I’m so tired of Christians. Some of them who are extra judgey, I call them old tires. No one is better than any other. Anyway, I digress…
    Going to church/mass can’t get you to heaven. No good works are good enough. It says that even the best of works are but mud compared to the perfection of Christ. We’re all “corpes”, all have sinned.. a sin is a sin…Each just has differently consequences. Look at the thief on the cross with Christ. Only in his last minutes did he believe and Christ told him that he, too, would be with him in paradise. Reading the word and getting involved with some Christians you really like, that’s my best advice. (Hoping the gal that asked about it see’s this) 😉