Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage

[youtube-feed-single]Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage. Democrats and woke media claim Ron Desantis is trying to ban the teaching of history but this is false.

Critical race theory is a reactionary ideology that seeks to restore discrimination in the US under the guise of academic theory.

Republicans have struggled to even address the issue but Desantis as usual is ahead of the curve.


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3 responses to “Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage”

  1. Flukesofhazard says:

    I don’t think you can teach what critical race theory is without at least inadvertently creating a few supporters for it. I’ll draw a parallel to illustrate. After the Third Reich was defeated in WW2, when the survivors began to rebuild the German state, they had to effectively re-educate an entire portion of their population who had been hardcore believers in Nazi ideology. Those in Germany who hadn’t supported the regime passed laws about what could be said about the Third Reich and the Holocaust (if I’m not mistaken, just saying Hitler’s name outside of an approved educational setting is grounds for getting arrested in Germany). These laws were passed ostensibly to prevent the remnants of the Third Reich from spreading their ideology and rising to power again. While it has been mostly successful, there are still those in Germany who when taught through the extremely narrow and limited view allowed by their laws, gravitate towards Neo-Fascist groups and adopt Nazi ideology. Regardless of any outside factors that may make this ideology attractive to those individuals, the fact remains that even by watering down the history, it still creates supporters. I think the same would happen with critical race theory until we as a nation were forced to choose whether to ban it or accept it. We can’t allow roving bands of racists to become a thing in America.

  2. Turk_Longwell says:

    Magster73, I’m in PA too… Harrisburg, but from NEPA.
    Rufo or Lindsey are the folks to get this kind of info too.
    If you are ever in the area, let’s have a beer. Networking, Fren.

  3. Magster73 says:

    You need to get a hold of a teaching syllabus. What they plan to teach our youth when it comes to Critical Race Theory. I live in PA and know a person that teaches in a public school. Maybe I can get one…..