Timcast IRL - Over 35% Of U.S. Want To Secede, Balkanize The USA w/Actual Justice Warrior

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Guest: Sean Fitzgerald aka Actual Justice Warrior
@IAmSean90 (Twitter)

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Over 35% Of U.S. Want To Secede, Balkanize The USA w/Actual Justice Warrior”

  1. JoeVasco72 says:

    The irony in your statement, is that democrats want to destroy our way of life.Secession over civil war/subjugation is the logical choice.

    Globalists have won.

  2. Alive1time says:

    I would rather be an american than a texan, i believe that trying to break the country just because you disagree with the other side is just as unamerican. Also, talking and pushing the subject is coubter productive. Nothing would put a bigger smile on our enemies that to see the united states as divided union. Please stop the madness

  3. Serorder says:

    I can make it stupider and ask why lgbtq has to be in the front end of the acronym. Does that mean it has more importance than POC or ii or aa or 2? If we switch it around does it mean it’s less important? How about regularly rejumbling the acronym? I think that would be fairer and more reflective of the situation.
    —Asian with Hispanic last name—