Timcast IRL - North Korean Yeonmi Park Joins, Says Woke Is CRAZIER Than NK Is w/China Uncensored

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13 responses to “Timcast IRL – North Korean Yeonmi Park Joins, Says Woke Is CRAZIER Than NK Is w/China Uncensored”

  1. violentpursuit says:

    Stellar guests guys! Yeonmi and China Uncensored is a dynamic duo and vitally important for us to hear in our country’s sad state

  2. Startedoveragain says:

    Tim and Crew. Have watched your videos for years. This episode was the tipping point for me to make the step of joining membership. You have always published compelling and reasonable episides, but Park’s is a phenomenal story and this was a great discussion. Thank you for being here. Sorry I hadn’t supported you sooner.

  3. Jake1521 says:

    You should definitely watch the Steve Bannon bonus episode. It’s literally worth becoming a member just for that episode.

  4. Jake1521 says:

    I don’t think Tim does bonus episodes on Friday

  5. Kexessa says:

    This is the most important episode you’ve ever done. Just talking about “oh CRT is bad” isn’t enough for many people. They have to hear and understand the parallels from real world examples, not hypotheticals. Can you get some Marxists scholars or academics on the subjects of history & changing society. More of this please!

  6. BarryBooma says:

    Communism and why Communists need violence to maintain power.

  7. Yobuyahouse says:

    Sad story but gave me so much information on how to combat that equity argument. its a caste system not equity.

  8. KJ_08 says:

    IDT there is one, they didn’t announce on the show as they usually do. It’s sad because I only joined for this bonus episode in particular…

  9. fuyu says:

    No bonus episode from this one? Been checking since last night in the members area but still nothing.

  10. MasterOfMaker says:

    Just signed up for the extra content Goolag blocks on WeTube. I am excited to see where Tim and his business grows to!

  11. noconfiguration says:

    Finally China Uncensored at Timcast!

  12. Masshole says:

    The people of N. Korea are literally livestock for the ruling class. Treated worse than we treat livestock, actually. This is where communism always goes.