Timcast IRL - Nicki Minaj SUSPENDED Over Vaccine Posts, Praised Tucker Carlson w/Jack Murphy

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16 responses to “Timcast IRL – Nicki Minaj SUSPENDED Over Vaccine Posts, Praised Tucker Carlson w/Jack Murphy”

  1. Quick2 says:

    Isn’t standing against tyranny the ultimate show of virtue, courage & loyalty. By not fighting now aren’t you ultimately teaching your son to only have principles when it’s convenient. I’m a parent who has already had to make this decision & yes it sucks, but it’s better to fight now & teach your kids freedom & liberty are worth fighting for. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they say they’ll TALK about how wrong it is but their red line is varsity baseball because it teaches virtue, you need to be real & say my kids sports are more important than freedom & liberty.

  2. VannicWolf says:

    TRUTHS. LOL Tim is espousing esoteric TRUTHS. They both agreed but wanted to express it differently and got into an argument. Thinking only makes it harder, Jack. XD

  3. RockettMan says:

    I have a daughter and I love her dearly and I agree completely with Tim. No it’s not an easy decision, it’s a matter of what’s right and wrong. I prefer to make my daughter’s future better instead of giving it up by not defending her rights now.

  4. RockettMan says:

    Jack it really is that simple, if you refuse to stand up and fight at risk of losing something you love, then you don’t really love it. You’re willing to lose this one little freedom so you can maintain some semblance of what you like, so what happens when all those one little freedoms you gave up stacks up to the point where you aren’t able to have anything anymore? It is far harder to regain your freedoms than it is to stand up and fight for them right now. You make your children’s fight that much more difficult and you teach them that what they want now is more important than what they need later.

  5. RockettMan says:

    We are a Democratic Republic not a Democracy, that’s a pretty important distinction, I believe.

  6. DanEltringham says:

    I would agree that it is hypocritical, but to what degree? Comparatively speaking his crimes are magnitudes lesser than those he is criticizing .

  7. Kuju69 says:

    While Tim is correct that one should find a trustworthy doctor, I must challenge the assumption that the vaccines are safe; it seems like many people who have had their quality of life diminish after getting the jab are being gaslit and hidden from the public eye. I got the vaccine and developed inflammation, vertigo, and neurological problems. I’ve gotten little to no help from the medical profession, and have had to stop training boxing which I love. Those who are considering vaccination should exercise extreme caution, especially athletes.

  8. Kuju69 says:

    If Tim was a baseball player I’m sure he’d care a little bit more about not being able to play baseball.

  9. MontyLalado says:

    It’s not lost on me either, Tim is a huge hypocrite and his whole smug ‘talk to your doctor’ routine really pisses me off

  10. MontyLalado says:

    Where are all you butthurt losers who were claiming Tim was vaccinated last week, he says at the end of this episode he’s not

  11. mitchellbk says:

    Tim is right. I’m a parent, if it was me I’d make the kid choose – he’s 17. How many ‘kids’ lied about their age to sign up for WW2?

  12. Fidyg says:

    But you agree with him that he is right yeah it is hard and not everyone can do it but it is the right choice.

  13. CdnElJefe says:

    This conversation makes it evident that Tim had no comprehension of the love a parent has for their child. I understand what he is saying but his ideals only work if everyone was an emotionless robot that was programmed to do a thing. Tim is great but he argues to hard against things he doesn’t comprehend sometimes.

  14. Bjorkman says:

    The irony of Tim sacrificing his freedom of speech on YouTube and then lecturing people they should give up everything for their rights is not lost on me.

  15. MrSooop says:

    “If there is a battle that you know you cannot win and there is little or nothing to be gained by fighting it… even if it means hurting those you care about the most… choose that battle and die on that hill, just to be a dick.”
    Tim Zhu