Timcast IRL - Kamala Harris Compares Jan 6th To Pearl Harbor And 9/11 w/Brandon Tatum

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Kamala Harris Compares Jan 6th To Pearl Harbor And 9/11 w/Brandon Tatum”

  1. SgtNoodles says:

    Auspicious that you had former cop Brandon Tatum on the show that night to explain & discuss in real time what was happening, the protocols, the law etc. The swatter chose the wrong night. Glad everything was okay.

  2. jprattie says:

    Not sure is this is the episode where you’re talking about the Kennedy assasination:

    Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy killed. It wasn’t about the military industrial complex or Cuba, it was about oil tax credits and other government contract credits. The Johnson family HATED the Kennedys, and Johnson was well known to have a hitman by the name of Mac Wallace down here in Texas. Wallace took out several people for Johnson, mostly having to do with local Texas politics.

    Billy SoLestes claims he has a reel-to-reel tape of Lyndon Johnson calling in the hit from the Driscoll hotel in downtown Austin. One of Oliver Stone’s producers on JFK is a friend of mine. Oliver and this other producer were doing the REAL research about JFK down here WHILE they were making the film version of JFK.

    They have actual photos of them with the two women from Dealy Plaza and photos with SoLestes hanging in their office in Las Vegas. In addition, I have another older friend down here that managed the Johnson family financials and who worked for LadyBird Johnson – the one word he was never allowed to utter in her presence was Kennedy.

    The Johnson DESPISED the Kennedys.

  3. Molon_Labe26 says:

    Tim next time please check police credentials , names , badge numbers politely in case it was them just being nosy.. I’m glad you are all safe on a side note if there was ever a time for Michael malice to be there that would of been it lol