Timcast IRL - Guatemalans Protest Kamala Harris Saying "Go Home, Trump Won" w/FreedomToons

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Guest: Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons
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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Guatemalans Protest Kamala Harris Saying “Go Home, Trump Won” w/FreedomToons”

  1. Fluffybottom says:

    Ian got some good Germanic METAL features!
    Also the reason Biden forgot D-day, was cause his cabinet was probably busy watching Double D-day, and maybe keeping Biden away from small migrant children.

  2. Locke-n-Paine says:

    All of this is downstream of Obama’s Fundamental Transformation. It’s always been the plan to erase what we’ve historically been and replace it with everything we were founded to oppose. Obama was the Left’s inside man within our institutions…he was the head anti-Americanist, arm in arm with Valerie Jarrett. Michelle Obama was 100% serious when she said she was never proud of her country in her adult life until her husband was elected. NEVER PROUD of America…for ANYTHING. Thinknabout that in the context of what we’re seeing today. And we put them in charge of the federal apparatus and saw Obama become the willing face mask of radical leftism, allowing the Left to wrap any opposition to their insane ideology in labels of “racism”. That’s when conservatism/westernism = racism began, ironically…with the first black President’s administration.

    Remember when they lit up the White House in rainbow colors when SCOTUS approved gay marriage, despite half of the country being adamantly opposed to it? Or passing the radically disruptive Obamacare over the majority of the country’s vociferous objections? Their routine dismissal of traditional America as inconsequential was obvious…it was a running thread through his entire presidency. He was president of blue citizens only — it was clear. The left DOES NOT CARE about what we want…they’re going to disassemble the US as we’ve known it, whether we like it or not.

  3. cdeboer2013 says:

    Can’t wait for the new website. Hopefully we can view comments without having to make a comment on here.