Timcast IRL - GameStop Stock Apes WIN, Hedge Fund COLLAPSES w/Steve Bannon

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Guest: Steve Bannon, host of the WarRoom podcast

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12 responses to “Timcast IRL – GameStop Stock Apes WIN, Hedge Fund COLLAPSES w/Steve Bannon”

  1. Ianfish20 says:

    Timcast to Alpha Centauri

  2. BurlyD says:

    2022: Timcast to the Moon
    2024: Timcast to Mars

  3. themorrigan1973 says:

    A non corrupt government with actual regulators who would work for you. We don’t have that because it’s too easy to grift off the government and take bribes.
    We would also need a functional judicial system that would put regulators to death for betraying the workers.
    We don’t have that now,but we could if we all got behind populist candidates with strong term limits.
    It would need work and adjustment to how we do things,we don’t have it right now,but we could if we just replaced the diseased government we have one seat at a time.
    We may even have to run ourselves to make it happen, we just have to want it and make it happen for ourselves.

  4. LovieDovie says:

    I was spellbound, totally engrossed the entire time and THEN came here and became a member to see the rest.
    Glad to be a member.
    I want to support such brilliance.
    Good luck, Tim.
    Get this thing on the road. We need it.

  5. JoeVasco72 says:

    Steve Bannon!
    Just wow, Tim you are stepping things up.
    Thank you!!!

  6. Shannifin says:

    Big talk about manufacutring jobs. I work manufacturing in Seattle area. 14 an hour. My wife and I have to work 50 hour weeks to barely pay for our 1bed 1bath, and we can’t start a family on that. No upward mobility or ‘Greenlight’ programs. Even if manufacturing increases, what prevents corporate contractors from throttling the profits?

  7. Tyzon says:

    I’m from Australia and our senator Pauline Hanson has band crt… after listening to what it is doing to the USA I am so glad that we have somebody trying to stop it!

  8. Joseph says:

    One of the best information shows yet. Keep up the good work.

  9. Masshole says:

    I signed up for Acre Gold while watching this. Thanks, Steve!

  10. Bymkr says:

    Is there anymore? I want the spicy parts. Haha I couldn’t even sleep last night waiting for this to be up.

  11. manofs3x says:

    Typically if the corporate media hates someone, they are right.

  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome show. Thank you so much for taking the Bannon risk — he has been so freaking maligned and lied about and banned.