Timcast IRL - ENTIRE Portland Riot Police Squad RESIGNS, ITS HAPPENING w/ Michael Malice

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7 responses to “Timcast IRL – ENTIRE Portland Riot Police Squad RESIGNS, ITS HAPPENING w/ Michael Malice”

  1. AlasterMyst says:

    46:30 ish. It is telling that the judge’s first consideration and concern is wanting to protect his corrupt buddies from lawsuits.

  2. Iamthepyro says:

    I stopped getting notifications from YT for the IRL podcast so I’m just gonna hang out here.
    Speaking of notifications this website doesn’t have any for new episodes or comments.

  3. Anyone else remember how the Obama admin sent out lists to police all over the country saying that Veterans, Christians and Preppers were all potential terrorists!?

  4. TheHoneyBadger says:

    Is it possible that the federal government is intentionally allowing the ideologies of those who love freedom and want to protect it for future generations to naturally perpetuate themselves, resulting in the gathering of all of the like minded individuals, desiring to defend our inherent natural rights and the moral and ethical principles of natural law, to a single geographical location in order to perpetrate another mass killing of America’s real patriots at the hands of the corporate marionettes that enforce their corrupted “codes.”…he morally bankrupt thugs that they call their “dogs”

  5. GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

    Not sure if Tim or anyone will see this but I want to bring something to light in the YT comments on this video. A group of people, mostly sock puppet accounts, are operating like a TY comments gang lol They smear Tim and then when I defended him they smeared me. But they also got several of my replies removed–I assume by mass flagging them–while of course running me down. Not that I care a whole lot, or you that you should. Crap happens on YT comments obviously. Just something amusing you might want to know about. Not sure if they are Antifa or some other Far Left group. A few names: It’s Yaboi, Hieu G. Rection, Rodolfo Furtado, and Jeff L.

  6. WestIsBest says:

    our e-celebs are better than their e-celebs.

  7. Maureen says:

    Love Michael Malice!! Great show all!!