Timcast IRL - Don Lemon FAKES Quitting CNN In Failed Stunt As Ratings TANK 77% w/Chris Barron

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Guest: Chris Barron
@ChrisRBarron (Twitter)

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Don Lemon FAKES Quitting CNN In Failed Stunt As Ratings TANK 77% w/Chris Barron”

  1. AlexPatmore says:

    Hey guys, great guest as always.
    About what chris said early on with america completly pulling out of the south china sea..
    I live in tasmania, australia, i cant speak for anyone in japan, south korea, taiwan ect..
    But the the idea is horrifying…
    We have 23-25 million people in australia, no nukes and no gun.. nor manufacturing.
    Wed be fucked if america pulled out..
    I dont know if this is selfish or against your best national intersts..
    And i understand the frustration of never ending forign wars.. BELEIVE ME! Everytime you guys jump into another on it drags the australian armed forces into it too because we are allies. And thats my point.
    It would be gross act of bad faith.
    Anyway.. for better or worse, at least for the moment.. america is what keeps western democracys free and i believe thats worth maintaining.


  2. jprattie says:

    We’re in Texas right now – it’s not that bad man…… you get used to it – and I’m from Vegas where it was 120 degrees and dry….. and Pacifica, on the beach in the Bay Area….. The upsides to Texas are far greater than the downsides. http://www.PRAnow.org

  3. I apologize for posting this here, but I don’t see the whole IRL in the members area and I’m listening on YT.

    Adam and Eve Story: Doug Vogt took that and uses it to claim there will be a micro-nova in 2046. Vogt, and Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers, who also promotes this, say they understand Plasma (Electric) Universe physics, but a micro-nova as they describe it is impossible under the Plasma Universe theory of physics.

    Someone keeps posting super chats about it to encourage you to have Ben Davidson on your show. I like Ben, I have some of his books, but people whose opinions about Plasma Universe Theory I trust over his point out that he’s just a Paralegal who got into the “climate is not caused by humans” counter movement, he’s done some good work there but then he got into Vogt’s ideas and discovered that promoting the idea of a global catastrophe in 2046 is a great way to make money.

    Among those who are eminently qualified to contradict him are Lee Wheelbarger and Clif High. Clif would never consent to come to your studio, but Lee might. Otherwise, if you’re interested you might contact the folks at the Thunderbolts Project or Solar Physicist Wal Thornhill.

    While I’m here, I’ll just share that when he was doing Babylon 5 the internet was still very new and J. Michael Straczynski would hold conversations on bulletin boards and respond to email. (He gave that up when he began the Rangers series because so many people complained about the exclusive use of percussion for the soundtrack.) In one post, he noted that the Shadows and Vorlons were inspired by the Endorians and Arisians from the Lensman Series, by E.E. “Doc” Smith, which is often credited as the first ever Space Opera.