Timcast IRL - Democrats Sneak Vax Mandate Into $3.5T Spending Bill w/Jack Murphy & FreedomToons

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7 responses to “Timcast IRL – Democrats Sneak Vax Mandate Into $3.5T Spending Bill w/Jack Murphy & FreedomToons”

  1. Noli says:

    I heard this is no longer a podcast, but a dating board!

  2. I think there might be a connection between the fact that in reproduction women get a selected amount of eggs where as men have a virtually unlimited amount of sperm. The same could be said of the dating sphere.

  3. jprattie says:

    Great unbiased info on COVID – followed by many of my doctors:


    One of my doctors, the one who saved my life (something other than COVID) told me today:

    “The management of COVID has mostly fueled the bio-industrial complex, which is clearly just as voracious as the military industrial complex. “

  4. MrSooop says:


  5. MrSooop says:

    I think Shimcast was batting a thousand until the end. Especially about the machine stuff.

  6. Rokkahorra says:

    @Ian <3 Marco's Pizza, and as far as the idea of you being a different person, you're constantly becoming a new being, the person you were yesterday is not the same as the person today. Thomas Sewell said something like, "Nobody is equal to anybody. A man isn't even equal to himself on different days." So becoming a cyborg would just be a different version of Ian, which you've been a different version of Ian every day of your life. The thing to worry about is how much easier it would be to become another drone in the hive mind telling communist jokes all day. And the problem communist jokes is they're only funny if everyone gets it. . . Much Love to Ian and the unique view you always bring to the conversation which helps make it more interesting.

    PS I'll take the first ticket to the AJ & Ian mushroom ride