Timcast IRL - Democrat PAC Founder Justifies Executing White People For Trolling w/Ron Coleman

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Guest: Ron Coleman
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17 responses to “Timcast IRL – Democrat PAC Founder Justifies Executing White People For Trolling w/Ron Coleman”

  1. Jmart155 says:

    Go to the member’s area it is up

  2. timcastxan says:

    What the hell is going on? Until yesterday all the bonus episodes were available and now theyโ€™re all gone! No announcement?!

  3. JRizzo says:

    Thank you for the clarification, I guess I assumed as well, that it was a live streamed segment but it appears that itโ€™s recorded and posted afterwards. Iโ€™ve been meaning to join the site for a bit and finally did tonight, Bannon being a guest was coincidence, thank you again for the help. Cheers!

  4. Registration_Major says:

    YouTube Livestream? I don’t see a Livestream… If you notice the other videos available… appear to be a break from the YouTube livestream and only uploaded in segments after the initial youtube livestream ends.

    So unless there is a different live stream going on??? Somewhere on this website…

    As I said Assume…

  5. dizwiz says:

    Where does it say that? Bait and Switch does not seem like a tactic Tim would use.

  6. dizwiz says:

    Then what is on the Livestream?

  7. Registration_Major says:

    I am going to assume the bonus segment is not done live and that it is uploaded after…Though, it is just a guess. I am assuming you joined for Bannon. I know assuming is not a good thing to do.

    If not Ron Coleman Bonus is:

  8. WatchintheWorldBurn says:

    I don’t think $10 gets you live access to the show or any access to the bonus content after the show. At least from what i can tell. Meh, sorry tim, $25/mo is too rich for my blood right now.

  9. JRizzo says:

    Indeed, I wish this would have been disclosed before I signed up, I donโ€™t have a problem paying more, itโ€™s just frustrating that I may have to cancel and potentially spend more than necessary to get the bonus segments.

  10. dizwiz says:

    So what, does $10 a month not get you live access?

  11. JRizzo says:

    I too, would like to watch the bonus segment. How am I able to do so? I paid the $10 membership fee but am unable to see any of the previously mentioned bonus segments. Is it only available to the higher membership tiers?

  12. PanikProjekt says:

    Same here. ugh.

  13. InspiredAmerican says:

    There is certainly a lack of membership tier explanation :/

  14. dizwiz says:

    Me either.

  15. Masters17 says:

    I paid $10 and still cant watch the extended episode… this is BS

  16. BrotherPaul says:

    Get the Jab, Make “The Georgia Guide Stones” a REALITY! Only off by 300 Million! Oh by the way this Zionist is full of BS… Also it is not his real Family Name…

  17. Shannifin says:

    It’s interesting how they use codewording in initiatives. If you control the definitions and narratives, you control the conversation. How can we have a persuasive conversation without succumbing to leftist jargon, though?