Timcast IRL - CNBC Host Calls For Military To Enforce National Vax Mandate w/Rav Arora

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – CNBC Host Calls For Military To Enforce National Vax Mandate w/Rav Arora”

  1. JamesGrayson says:

    I would like to hear Ian describe the life cycle of a human being, define when that being is created and back that by science.

  2. Weckstein says:

    The example Tim gave about being forced to give his blood to Ian is not the same as your own body being used to create life. The uterus is made to function for another human. No other organ operates the way the uterus does. Tim is simply stating he doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by giving Ian blood and then the next opinion he states abortion shouldn’t be used for birth control.

  3. Secra says:

    Is a person obligated to give of them selves to keep someone else alive?

    If no then abortion should be the mother’s choice. Yes this will mean abortion used as a contraception and if you accept the concept that life begins at conception untold numbers of people will be ended

    If yes then abortion should be illegal. This I find by far the more terrifying option because logical extensions to this concept (and any legal stance is always extended to its extremity until it collapses) include forced carriage of foetuses, criminalisation of mothers who refuse to carry, the horror of forced organ donation, increased government reach with the implementation of mandatory genetic registration to aid in the matching of organs, the concept that the government has autonomy over your body, mandatory vaccinations.