Timcast IRL - Chauvin Trial Expert Says Floyd Death NOT Homicide w/ FreedomToons And Jack Murphy

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3 responses to “Timcast IRL – Chauvin Trial Expert Says Floyd Death NOT Homicide w/ FreedomToons And Jack Murphy”

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  2. Willshag4abag says:

    love you guys

  3. Spider_Guard says:

    As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt (11 years of grappling experience), I think I have a better understanding than Ian Crossland does on the affects of Derek Chauvin’s knee on the body of George Floyd. Here is my take:

    1. If the knee was on the neck and it was a carotid artery choke, than Mr. Floyd would have been able to breath just fine as he went to sleep in less than two minutes. A person can be put unconscious in a matter of seconds- not minutes. The fact that Mr. Floyd did not go out indicates that there was no blood choke. Furthermore blood chokes deprive the brain of oxygen, not the body, therefore they cannot be the cause of hypoxia.

    2. Derek Chauvin had his meager 140 pounds of weight distributed across the upper back/shoulder/neck- there is no compression of the diaphragm. Compression of the diaphragm is necessary in order to cause the inability to breath. When we go knee on belly, and just to be rude to our friends, we will grab the lapels and pull our knee into them, thereby magnifying our weight, the person can barely form words, let alone speak loudly. Therefore, Mr. Floyd never suffered any compression from Derek Chauvin’s knee or weight. Add to that the fact that there was no trauma or bruising, that indicates this was more about control than pressure. We use both aspects when grappling.

    3. The body frame of Mr. Floyd was sufficient to carry the body weight of Derek Chauvin even if it was him standing on Mr. Floyd’s back.

    The mechanics of grappling, the fundamental principles of weight, leverage, blood flow, and oxygen simply do not substantiate any aspect of Derek Chauvin having anything to do with causing Mr. Floyd’s death.

    Enjoy the show- keep up the good work.