Timcast IRL - Biden Exposed In Leaked Phone Call Proving They Knew Of Taliban Takeover w/Jack Murphy

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13 responses to “Timcast IRL – Biden Exposed In Leaked Phone Call Proving They Knew Of Taliban Takeover w/Jack Murphy”

  1. pigdog5150 says:

    The basis of the difference of views about natural rights boils down to whether someone believes that a higher power exists that has given us those rights. If there is no higher power then there are no natural rights. This is the same argument about morals. If no higher power or no higher standard giver then there are no universal moral absolutes, there is no right or wrong.

  2. Anpumesses says:

    ian needs to go read some john locke and fredric bastiat

  3. ellie says:

    One more thing on abortion, Tim. When I mentioned down syndrome before, I have a story. When I was pregnant with my first born, I was given the option to abort because they found a protein that “may” be associated with down syndrome. I could never do that. Have you ever met someone who has down syndrome? They are the happiest, most optimistic people you will ever meet, better than we “normies” are. It sickens me that 80% of down syndrome babies are killed. Here is a tweet I just saw that confirms what I am saying from a judgmental leftist asshole that maybe should’ve gotten the same fate.

    Richard Hanania @RichardHanania “You can’t screen for Down syndrome before about 10 weeks, and something like 80% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted. If red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities”.

    This guy is a disgusting POS on a magna scale. Lydia has MS, can you imagine if they genetically discovered she had that before she was born and *poof*, she’s never born? That is how the left think. Conservatives do not think like this. We do not believe people are disposable like razors regardless of who they are.

  4. Turbansoviet says:

    We also did not use our government style on afghanistan or iraq we made them in the image that the establishment wants. A pure democracy not a republic.

    Also when they talk of unclaimed land they are talking about no country has a claim. Like how the americas were in the 1600s. Now small nations have superpowers to protect the claim.

  5. ellie says:

    Tim, you ARE pro Life. Full Stop. People who are pro Life have no problem when the life a mother is threatened by a pregnancy, there is a decision that has to be made. What we do not want is the option to abort because the baby “may” have downs syndrome, “may” have a birth defect, “may” be imperfect in any way. Where does this lead? Straight down the path of, well, I wanted a girl, I want her/him to have my nose, I want him/her to have blonde hair, etc. It snowballs into “choice” which is exactly why the left decided “choice” was the right word. My body, my choice encompasses everything as you have seen with up to and including birth. The left lives on a slippery slope and they constantly want to slide down as fast as they can without thinking. You think if someone doesn’t have the means to take care of a child, they should have the option to abort or kill their baby. The “choice” was BEFORE you had sex, not after. I have no problem with people having sex, I do have a problem with people not taking responsibility for their decisions. You play, you pay, unless you wear a jacket.

    Poverty is not a reason to abort/kill, I am living proof of that. My mom was irresponsible and then responsible. She ate one cheap tv dinner (not the big Hungryman kind) a day back in the 60s for years so I could eat. She survived and so did I. The “reasons” pro abortion advocates use are justifications to make a woman feel better about killing her baby and they promote abortion as contraception. I have seen it and I have witnessed it. I know people who have had multiple abortions because they refused to wear a jacket or swallow a pill. There is NO rationale for killing a baby after the fact, especially when it could have been prevented to begin with.

  6. aznkodiak says:

    Jack needs to start doing voice overs or just start a career with audio book reading

  7. eatonmd says:

    I disagree with almost everything Ian says.
    Tim says “do I have the right to express myself”

    Ian begins dissecting, and quantifying and situationallizing.

    Jack, do you have the right to defend yourself?

    Ian, dissecting, quantifying and situationallizing.

    Ian never actually answers questions. He just produces blurbs and blah blah and then suggests psychedelics.

    I wish I had a “skip whatever the fuck ian is saying” button. Like skip 30 seconds but this is skip Ian’s words

  8. Listening on YouTube, just got to the part about running out of land. Only because the Federal government has taken possession of so much land.

    Much of it is called “flyover country.” Washington State, Nevada, Alaska and many others have vast swaths of wilderness that is “owned” by the Federal government.

    Where I’m building my monolithic dome home (which won’t be ready for me to move in until well after Gov. Jay Inslee fires me for refusing to submit to his mandate requiring State employees to participate in a medical experiment) is within a few miles of a huge chunk of the state the “belongs” to the State. I’d love to build my house in what’s called Capitol Forest, but it’s “public” land.

    So, the lack of new land to move into is artificial and caused by the federal and state governments.

  9. MrSooop says:

    The bear has no right to shit in the woods. Just because that’s where it lives and it has to shit to keep living, it has no natural rights. The self-evident truths that it is alive and must shit in the woods to continue it’s existence are meaningless.
    Bear genocide anyone?

  10. MrSooop says:

    I agree.
    Also, Ian seems to be too hung up on the God stuff. The Declaration of Independence basically says that we are endowed by our Creator with natural rights. Creator doesn’t have to mean a Christian God, some of the founders were Deists. A creator can mean primordial soup or the universe or parents or however they want to see it.
    I think the point is that there are certain things that most any human being in a more natural environment begins to intrinsically understand. And there are certain things that individuals in a non-societal environment would not generally fault someone else for doing, even though there are no set rules. Self-evident truths, Natural rights.

  11. Illusivedude says:

    Im with ian on that its a semantic argument. A natural right is supported by your ability. A person who is paralyzed has the right to defend themselves but no ability. So it is irrelevant if you have a right that you have no ability to exercise that right. You have the right to fly but no ability so you dont have that right.

  12. MrSooop says:

    Walter Cronkite gets kudos from then first lady HC and an award from a crazed lefty elitist for his role in promoting their world federal government. They say that their vision will require Americans to give up some of their sovereignty and that some won’t like it but they don’t care.