Timcast IRL - Biden Basically Labels Antifa Terrorists In his new War On Terror w/Luke & Seamus

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4 responses to “Timcast IRL – Biden Basically Labels Antifa Terrorists In his new War On Terror w/Luke & Seamus”

  1. crash55 says:

    Sadly, Pope Francis is a socialist. In fact he could be the anti-Christ given his beliefs. He is a true believer in an ideology that has been proven to cause death and misery every time it’s tried. God’s representative on earth would never advocate for the devil’s philosophy. Francis is an imposter who serves the devil.

  2. crash55 says:

    The problem with homelessness is mental illness. Much of the cause of mental illness is a lack of a belief in God. A belief in God provides relief from worries and stress without the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. Societies that believe in God are naturally healthier and sane. Leftists are mentally unhealthy. Life is very hard for them as a result.

  3. GovernmentIsRape says:

    Libertarians have just as much moral views as anyone else. The view that they only care about liberty comes from a flawed measuring method. Like in order to measure care a question like “do you want government to implement this care program” will be asked. Libertarians correctly understand that government can only cause destruction in society, so they answer no. Thus the conclusion is reached that they don’t have the care morality. This is wrong, they just don’t think extortion/terrorism can be used to provide care.

  4. Paul Sawyer says:

    Tim your description of AI is basically the plot to that crappy Shia LeBoof movie “Eagle Eye”