Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots Make Police Quit EN MASSE

[youtube-feed-single]Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots Make Police Quit EN MASSE. The suburb of Buckhead has announces it will secede from Atlanta as Democrats have been running these cities and states into the ground.

One thing all the secession movements have in common is anger with Democrats over failed policies. In Chicago instead of dealing with crime Lori Lightfoot declares racism a public health crisis and takes $10M from covid relief for “equity zones”

BLM Riots tear through our streets and democrats only care to support more destruction and ignore the plight of the working class.


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2 responses to “Suburb Declares Its SECEDING Due To Crime As BLM Riots Make Police Quit EN MASSE”

  1. Masshole says:

    If I were a black woman I would be incredibly offended that the first black woman mayor of Chicago is apparently trying to make black women look bad. I don’t see how its possible that she is not trying to fail. At some point you have to assume the failures were intended and were actually sucesses.

  2. crash55 says:

    They want to provoke normal people to the point that they fight back. When one or more do, they will use it as an excuse to ship conservatives to “re-education camps”. They will invent a “false flag” event if they need an excuse. Arm up, and prep for what is inevitable. BTW the reason I am posting here instead of UTUBE is that I refuse to support UTUBE in any way. If influencers would all quit in mass, their followers would switch in mass. No one loves UTUBE. Half the country would quit utube overnight. Even non political contributors would have to switch if their followers are in any way conservative.. PS. GO TO RUMBLE, QUIT SUPPORTING UTUBE, UNLESS YOU LIKE INSANITY AND OPPRESION.