Timcast IRL - Biden Approval COLLAPSES To 38%, Shortages Worsen, People In Revolt w/John Cardillo

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5 responses to “Timcast IRL – Biden Approval COLLAPSES To 38%, Shortages Worsen, People In Revolt w/John Cardillo”

  1. RockettMan says:

    I know the owner’s family of one of those big kayaking companies over in WV.

  2. RockettMan says:

    Get rid of required insurance. It causes massive amounts of price inflation and drives up costs for all consumers. Those who want insurance can buy, those who don’t won’t be affected by the massive price hikes due to insurance being REQUIRED.

  3. RockettMan says:

    You say the Emperor has no clothes. I feel like this is the same as the situation with us and China. Milley was like “we can’t actually do anything to stop you”, and the federal government can’t do anything to stop the people of their own country either. Stand up and fight people.

  4. Anpumesses says:

    if your system requires the right people to be in charge your system has already failed.

  5. nukedaddy777 says:

    Concerning the “uni-party.” We the People have become We the Corporations/Big Government.

    Corporations and Big Government have more rights than people and less responsibility but more power. That is fundamentally dangerous. Worse, they don’t care about human life or the lives of their fellow citizens. Their oath is meaningless because the worst sort that flatter bullies and idiots attain to the highest places.

    The Democrats talk about the people but use the people as a shell. Republicans talk about corporations and the Constitution, and serve the corporations through the legal system. Trump walked the line as best he could, opened a lot of eyes, but he was a believer in the Corporate money aristocracy. The problem with the swamp is its filth is money, and it cares nothing for the people who used to be the Sovereigns, and are no longer so.