Timcast IRL - Australia Announce Quarantine Camps, NYC Goes Full 1984 w/ Kurt Schlichter

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  1. Neubian says:

    Guys, I FINALLY found this episode on Rumble. Seems like it would make more sense going forward to just watch there. There was seemingly no drama. I have no idea why the video isn’t on YouTube.


  2. SkywardGaze says:

    This either makes Matt Bellamy a genius prophet or just another crazy conspiracy theorist lost in the rabbit hole 😛

    Also Disclaimer: I’m in no way advocating any form of violence or violent uprising just stating what I understood the songs from Muse to mean and why they can be applied to whats happening today.

  3. SkywardGaze says:

    Pretty much every song from Black Holes and Revelations talks about the Elites ruling in secrecy and speaks of the writer themselves trying to wake people up and rise against them.

    For Example:
    “Take a bow” is quite frankly the story of the elites taking power, corrupting the world, and spiraling it into ashes before they take their bow and descend to hell where they will burn for what they’ve done. *this song is as applicable today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow as it summarizes a prophesized history of their rule over us

    “Map of the Problematique” talks about someone who sees through the mainstream facade of fear and deception and trying to wake people up from the trivial matters that they are arguing over, but failing to get anyone to listen no matter what the writer does. *this song is applicable because most of us are being controlled through the use of fearmongering and being deceived into fighting amongst ourselves over things like race, sex, politics and all else that serves to further divide us. Despite the fact that we are all human beings who should be standing as one united against the true evil that sows this division to distract us from ever seeing the truth.

    “Invincible” is a speech to raise morale for the people to fight against the elites, trying to show them that united you are invincible *this song is applicable because it is the words everyone will need to hear to keep up morale in the fight for humanity’s survival

    “Assassin” talks about how the evil atrocities of the elite spawn the underground rebellion that births an assassin to extinguish the rulers and potentially implies the conspiracy that the elite worship demons by referring to Democracy as demonocracy. *This is applicable because it serves as a warning to the corrupt elite, that their atrocities will lead to their destruction. It also postulates a potential solution to lost sailors looking for a heading. However the song “Glorious” may warn that any solution achieved through violence may serve to keep the machine going instead of breaking it, similarly to Tim’s song “Will of the People”

    “Exo-politics” talks about the desire to join the other alien races in the greater universe, but being wise to the conspiracy of “project bluebeam” which claims the elites will fake an alien invasion, so when you see the UFOs in the skies its just our leaders in disguise. Using the term “Zeta” as it is one of the races of aliens according to some conspiracies. *This song is applicable in my opinion due to all the UFO sightings and the article which said the Israeli Space Security Chief claimed we are not ready yet to join the Galactic Federation. There’s also alleged sightings of project Blue Beam being tested recently (for what that’s worth).

    “City of Delusion” talks about a world in which everyone is ruled by fear held together by the trust in the elite, which is easily shattered by mistrust, as their narrative is not easily defended when carefully examined. It also has the writer attempting to destroy the elites plan by calling them out for exhausting the resources of the earth and living in luxury off the backs of the ones dying beneath their feet. *This is applicable due to all the hysteria around the virus and how nothing these people say in the media can stand up to scrutiny. Which can also be said for other mainstream lies lurking about in the public. Also these elites will force us all to eat less, use less energy, give up more of our freedoms yet they in turn continue to live as kings not sacrificing anything. The whole ‘rules for thee and not for me’ thing that Tim’s always bringing up.

    “Knights of Cydonia” seems to discuss the long history of corruption from the elites and how we must fight against them to survive. Its also about questioning ones belief in a God due to the allowance of the elite to commit the worst atrocities known and unknown to mankind. It goes on to question whether or not we can even hope to win against them, when the ones in positions of authority are too dumb to help us. The idea of survival likely stemming from the idea that the elites have long ago declared war on the masses and if we hope to survive in the end we must stop them. *This is applicable because it is happening all around us this very moment, and the importance of it cannot be understated. The song gives it more of a glamorized hollywood-like appearance and catchy galloping rhythm probably is used in an attempt to rally people to rise up, just like the opening song for The Resistance, which picks up where this song leaves off.

    I could very well be wrong about all this, and reading too much into it, but that’s what I understood from the songs.

  4. photopa1 says:

    Will this episode be available on the site? It was killed while watching.

  5. shadowfoxx says:

    I can’t figure it out either

  6. QuaesitorVeritatis says:

    Updating the language from 1776 and “well regulated” would translate to “well equipped and operating” in 2021 parlance.

    The second amendment does not require an actual militia to be active, but asserts that the citizens shall have the means to stand up a militia, should the need be required.

  7. DreamB says:

    There are 2 vid files, click the lower one

  8. Willy_Walton says:


    Oklahoma is a very red state, we also have constitutional carry. Believe me when I tell you as a Okie myself. We are completely open with no restrictions.

    Are state will fight in mass.

  9. KJ_08 says:

    I dont like his perspective at all. But i think the conversation givesa chance for listeners to hash out ideas in real time ( hear rebut to rebut to rebut). My issue with Ian is he does argue semantics. The left does this. They change what the original agreed upon use of the word is to argue their point. Also, they assign immoral actions perpetuated by certain groups/individuals as the definition of the things they disagree with i.e. capitalism is the exploitation of labor.

  10. skrivenko says:

    Huh, never looked at them that way, can you elaborate maybe some song examples?

  11. TyedTree says:

    I can’t find this episode on you tube and now on pod cast. And now this video on the website isn’t working. What’s the deal?

  12. EricRyan1976 says:


  13. Jcerna34 says:

    I enjoy Ian’s perspectives, I disagree with them however conversations is needed. So please Ian if you are reading this don’t shut the fuck up!!

  14. EricRyan1976 says:

    A simple bleeping out would have worked.

  15. sawd4wg says:

    The new site is awesome! This stream with Kurt is really good! Thanks Tim and gang!

  16. spike001ton says:

    Never knew Kurt was from Chambersburgh my home town

  17. spike001ton says:

    I said they weren’t going to give medical exemptions because it would be like medical marijuana just find a doctor who will write you an exemption and medical laws prevent them from questioning it it would be too easy for anyone who has a little money from being able to get an exemption and then they would only be enforcing the rules on the poor minorities who can’t afford 500 dollars to pay a doctor for an exemption

  18. KMerckCPA says:

    Ian doing Yakov Smirnoff made me lol

  19. Tonymontana86 says:

    Boycott. Do everything you can to hit NYC’s pocketbook. As soon as they see that tax revenue dip, they will freak the fuck out. I know it will hurt small businesses but how else can you fight “city hall”. Nothing good will come of this. Stay out of New York, if you are in New York , get the fuck out.

  20. KMerckCPA says:

    To those who keep saying YouTube pulled this down, uh no. Tim pulled it down when Kurt said go catch covid or whatever.

  21. Raisu says:

    Yea, I try to catch them live for this reason. I got halfway through the live stream and had to turn it off to handle some stuff. Sure enough, it’s not on youtube anymore when I checked this morning.

  22. SkywardGaze says:

    Its as if Muse has been warning us all about this moment alongside the conspiracy theorists for years. I feel like every day that passes I’m just quoting lyrics from a different Muse song. Probably not too long till we start quoting from the two opening songs on the Resistance album.

  23. humun says:

    I think a link to this video would be helpful. I’m new (today) and it took me a minute to find it. It’s not hidden but a link from the member section would make it more frictionless. Or maybe just have all the video (free and paid) in one list under “watch” and have a paywall or similar on the paid ones.

  24. CalDelt says:

    TRUTH: No wonder it was scrubbed from. YouTube

  25. ToSwift says:

    Thanks to website I was able to watch this episode. Hopefully the app comes out soon so it will be even easier to watch your content.

  26. Bmwc94 says:

    Hey since im signed up for the draft to the Unit States Milatary am not part of a well reg milltia.

  27. Schnozzberries says:

    Does Lydia realize she’s been saying her handle is “Sourpatch K ids” rather than “Sourpatchlyds” the last few shows?

  28. tealmarimba12 says:

    Ian, if you read these comments, for the love of everything that is pure and true, please shut the fuck up with your authoritarian nonsense. You are fucking wrong.

    Our founding fathers used the philosophy of their time to lay out a blue print for the future of humanity. Read the fucking words on the page and then take the historical context for what these words mean and apply modern language to them:

    “We hold these truths to be self evident (this isn’t open for debate, this is so fundamentally true not even a moron could argue against this), that all men (human beings) are endowed by their creator (by virtue of existing) with certain inalienable rights (no person, religion or government can take these away).”

    Now take my newly framed context and apply this to the Constitution, specifically the bill of rights:

    1. You are free to express yourself however you see fit.

    2. You have the right to defend yourself for violent aggressors using whatever means you deem necessary.

    3. No one can enter your property with out your consent or stay on your property without your consent.

    4. No one can look at your personal effects without a signed warrant that clearly states probable cause, motive, and accusations that you committed a crime.

    5/6. (They outline the similar issues) If accused a crime you must be allowed to defend yourself and you will not be judged by a single person, but by your peers who are allowed to hear your case and must pass judgement based on the criteria that you must must be guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    7. If you stand accused of crime, and a proper trial is had, if a jury of your peers finds you innocent, you cannot have another trial for the same crime. If you have done something deserving of punishment, the case must be played out quickly. The burden of proof is on the state, and they must quickly change you or let you go.

    8. If you are found guilty of crime, you are not subject to an outlandish punishment that does not fit the severity of the crime.

    9/14. You cannot use this document to bludgeon people or discriminate against anyone for any reason. All people must be given equal access to goods and services.

    10. Anything not spelled out specifically by this document is left up to interpretation by f the local jurisdiction.

    I think this spells it out very clearly, read these words and think before you go spouting off about dumb subjective bullshit.

  29. drewncharlie says:

    Youtube censored this conversation. Are ya’ll ready for a war?

  30. DarthWho says:

    One thing that really pissed me off about this episode was the arrogance that was just flowing off Ian as he argues against enumerated rights that he clearly knows nothing about.

    Dude seriously, you sounded like a total fucking asshole.
    Well these straight white men just picked what they wanted, no.

    This is half the problem with people these days and why they think they can just call something a right and make it appear, healthcare, housing, pronouns, ect. We as humans are not granted rights by the State, they are simple inherent to us being alive and it is the duty of the state to NOT infringe upon those right.
    We have a right to free speech and the government is not allowed to create laws that prevent us from doing so
    The government gives us the right to speech by telling us what we are allowed to say

    More and more people are acting just like Ian did tonight which is allowing authoritarians to strip more and more rights from us. Stop being an arrogant know it all asshole and maybe look into why something is the way it is before you try to change it.

  31. MrSooop says:

    Ian, next time you burn a doobie please consider pondering the notion of self-evident truths.

  32. Leftydoinitright says:

    Thanks man. I figured it out, but because of the limitations of this website, I couldn’t delete the comment. I appreciate it though

  33. drewncharlie says:

    We fight. Thanks tim. We fight. I just had covid. It was terrible. I was really afraid it would kill me. But now that i just had it i’m afraid to get the vaccine. We fight. I thought i might die helpless and alone in my apartment. And it scared me. But to fight fascism i will die in the streets. I will die proud in the street

  34. PadreMortalis says:

    Nope. Well, the top link is youtube link which will give the error since Tim took it down. The bottom link is Rumble. Works good and is castable to your smart tv. Watching it right now on my tv

  35. Schulks says:

    This man needs to stop calling himself woke gdarnit!!!

  36. GrudgeAxe says:

    It’s because the government can’t afford hotel Quarantine anymore.

    also, we (ADF) now have to move all the old blown-up PMV’s from the proposed location.

  37. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    I’m so glad it is here, I really want my family to watch this one. When are you going live here so I can finally send YouTube the way of the Twitter, Facebook and dodo?

  38. _rachel_ says:

    “Leftists should get leftism really hard.” -Kurt Schlichter.

  39. Leftydoinitright says:

    If you have had, or think you have had covid, take a “Titer test.” It is a measure of your antibodies against a disease. I personally think that if you show through a titer test that you have antibodies against covid, it is the same as being vaccinated

  40. Leftydoinitright says:

    It’s giving me an error to watch it here as well. Anyone else having the same problems?

  41. Jfree says:

    YouTube took it down while watching… please post it here if you can!

  42. Yobuyahouse says:

    Got taken down once the plan for next conservatives was talked about. Its so true we need to dismantle the education system and make it worth something again

  43. PadreMortalis says:

    Dude. You need to reach out to Louis Rossman from New York. He has a computer shop and he is adamant that he will NOT be screening people for vaccine records. He hates deBlasio and Cuomo and is very vocal on his youtube channel.

  44. cornbreadisall says:

    So happy to be able to listen to the rest and the aftershow. Was it the description of the robot walking around, shooting liberals, what got it erased?

  45. Shouting_Parrot says:

    So glad I could come here! Decided to have an evening workout and the vid was gone on YT. Love this show guys!

  46. Rafa.mat710 says:

    Couldnt find this episode on youtube so came right here. so glad you and the crew made the website. probably the best idea you could do in times like these.

  47. GlennDalt says:

    Did YT nuke tonight’s podcast? Rumble has livestream option.

  48. Turk_Longwell says:

    Folks get mad in the members comments on the after show, without looking for it here.
    Them crazy kids. lol.

  49. I paused it to put kids to bed and it was gone. Glad it made it to the site!!

  50. yamyule says:

    Thank you for uploading here. <3

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