Timcast IRL - ANOTHER Witness Implicates Alec Baldwin In CRIMINAL Shooting w/Cernovich & Malice

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6 responses to “Timcast IRL – ANOTHER Witness Implicates Alec Baldwin In CRIMINAL Shooting w/Cernovich & Malice”

  1. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    Timcast is the team that daily listeners (myself included) count on to bring us sanity and knowledge without bigotry or tribalism. They’re very consistent; they have strong values, and their judgment and positions are generally based on those values, impeccable knowledge of the issue at hand, and sane analysis.

    And then, during a discussion of the Rittenhouse trial, the question was asked: “Why didn’t the defense team do that?” (ie, something that would have helped their case). And Lydia jumps in and says “They’re boomers” And she repeats herself later: “They’re boomers.” The implication was very clear: boomers are incompetent. Or stupid. Or both. Or worse.

    For those of us who turn to Timcast to hear them champion individual rights, anti-bigotry, and meritocracy, this was very disappointing. You can’t battle against the bigotry of judging whole groups of people indiscriminantly, and then judge a whole group of people indiscriminantly. Repeatedly. This is not a new thing. And it’s tiresome.

    If I want lazy sloganeering, I can get that at Tik-Tok from teenagers. I expect more from Timcast.

  2. Do_u_even_america_bro says:

    Watch in a couple years we’ll find out the feds want Kyle prosecuted in public to keep the people’s eyes off something else big going on.

  3. pandusa says:

    I agree. YouTube behaving strangely. Seems like I have to search for a lot of things that use to come up on recommended. And then there is the censorship…

  4. pandusa says:

    I was kind of shocked when you first made your pronouncement on this case. I thought you uncharacteristically might have jumped the fence a little. I figured it was just an accident rehearsing or staging a scene caused by poor safety practices. Whatever happened, I DO believe… it surpasses that.

  5. Freeborn says:


    Please fix your videos, they are mostly always censored now and do not play thanks to YouTube. I even paid to be a member to n hoping to see them but it’s pointless if they don’t play here either.

    Upload complete episodes to Rumble or have a back up in your members area but do something about it PLEASE. This is getting annoying 😑

  6. GoatHerd says:

    Sorry, but the historic accuracy of Braveheart is close to zero.