Timcast IRL - Alec Baldwin Shot And Killed Woman, NEW Information Drops w/Viva & Barnes

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12 responses to “Timcast IRL – Alec Baldwin Shot And Killed Woman, NEW Information Drops w/Viva & Barnes”

  1. HumanLivesMatter says:

    to Ian (who didn’t realize yet that ginger is an arrange word):AS informed consent – mentioned in this show-was the argument to legally judge and condemn Eichmann in Israel for human experiments and in the absence Dr.Mengele in Nuremberg, and returning to the policy before the Nuremberg process in Germany, meaning literally the Nazi policy of no informed consent necessary, including the TA4 program, comparing the Alec Baldwin tragedy with the return of the jurisdictional principle of Nazi Germany isn’t banalizing the Ale Baldwin murder case. It’s the invers. And during the Nazi dictatorship, people under Hitler’s boot mocking the Nazis was a heroic act. The profile of some people, who will, in any case, get adversary and often lethal effects, while governments like France pretend to respect medical exception, or the kidney case in the US (immunosuppressant necessary for a transplant operation don’t mix with immunisation by vaccines do and will cost more lives, more lethal injections for those cases where feeding a PJ sandwich to allergic persons (though generally, peanuts aren’t a lethal toxin. For the accuse of to much Nazi comprisons, watch my video “checklist of evil”

  2. Audiosomatika says:

    ok, many errors, please update for edits…

  3. Audiosomatika says:

    on not one.. point proven…

  4. Audiosomatika says:

    Big not bit… hope edits are available one this platform soon…

  5. Audiosomatika says:

    If you pull the trigger and it doesn’t go off it is a bit problem. It is considered a hang fire and could take a long time for it to go off… You need to take action to make it not a safety problem. You are responsible when you pull any trigger… Be careful and know what your doing…

  6. PseudoSwede says:

    I love how when Viva says “vote (them) out,” it rhymes;)

  7. Dogma says:

    Hey Tim, enjoy the discussion. Just wanted to give some additional context on the Alex Baldwin incident. First the use of the term prop gun is a misnomer. He was holding an operational weapon that has the capability to fire live ammo. According to the news (local: San Diego) the weapon was handed to Alex by the assistant director, not the weapon master, and announced as a cold gun; meaning it was not loaded. Furthermore, there has been some question about the protocols used in handling the weapon i.e. the weapon master verify the weapon is not loaded and hands it to the actor and then the actor is suppose to verify the weapon is not loaded.

  8. JamoeCW says:

    also interested and would like links. thanks in advance.

  9. FreeFolk says:

    Waiting to see if any accountability from the set of Rust for the negligent discharges resulting in death and injury. The results of not following laws, policies, etc. are not accidents, it’s negligence. When someone dies as a result, it’s probably gross negligence.

  10. odi1776 says:

    Who else is talking about this? That’s right up my alley. Got any links for me?

  11. Tazmo says:

    Tim you should have a winter style festival instead of nowt doing anything for November and December.

  12. SFCCaron says:

    Abot disappointed that you guys didn’t discuss the new declaration of independence…thats a huge ordeal should talk about it openly.