Tim Pool Ruins Dungeons And Dragons, Declaring Minotaur Lives Matter

He just couldnt make believe for one minute could he.

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10 responses to “Tim Pool Ruins Dungeons And Dragons, Declaring Minotaur Lives Matter”

  1. Auroraoak says:

    This video proves to me that Tim does not have an off switch. I’m loving these videos, the animations are so cute and funny. As someone who also doesn’t have an off switch, I want to give Tim some love advice: find someone patient with a great sense of humor who can distract you from your ranting. You’re life will be tremendous with a happy distractor. Love you all, loving the characters this season <3 This is my favorite new reality show. My partner and I are farming and creating a micro community as well and it’s so inspiring and affirming to see others doing it, and doing it with such style. It’s super fun watching you all learn how to be farmers. Keep it the fuck up!

  2. PariahScion says:

    I for sure would watch it. Been a GM for various game systems since 1992. Designing my own game system now.

  3. Murse4U says:

    As a long time DND (think 40+ years) this cracks me up. Let me know if you all are taking DM applications lol

  4. UppityG says:

    I see the Mikhaila Peterson Cast Castle went up on YT this morning but it’s still not here.
    Weird. Here’s a link but I haven’t watch it yet.

  5. UppityG says:

    She does if she doesn’t want to get a raft of hate from viewers sensitive to issues of animal abuse and cruelty at large. Yeah, cocks are tough customers, but more people are cool if it’s his idea to mix it up or whatever.

    What are you, a cockfighter? In the US, that’s mostly illegal, like dog fighting.

  6. Jay1 says:

    Clicked because the title looked funny, also a fan of D&D

  7. JamoeCW says:

    if you have enough footage for the full DnD session you should post it, possibly members only (though not sure if the regular members will have enough interest to watch the full sessions). i would watch it, and people do watch these things on other YT channels.

  8. UppityG says:

    This vlog was underwhelming. You promised us a Chicken City vlog a long time ago Pool, really time to deliver.

  9. IntegratedCrazy says:

    To the big tittied hippie in flannel: you don’t have to be that gentle with a full grown bird.

  10. WildcardMD says:

    The next Critical Role.