Tim Pool & Family Respond To Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, And RA The Rugged Man Calling Him A Liar

As much as it was obvious Cenk was just trying to bait me I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss my family and life …

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3 responses to “Tim Pool & Family Respond To Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, And RA The Rugged Man Calling Him A Liar”

  1. pariahscion says:

    I feel Tim too. I grew up similar in a similar environment. Had a gun pulled on me as an 8 year old. And I talk like Tim too though. Where you come from is not who you have to be. Just like all the traits that make up culture don’t have to embody you or define you. If you like Vodka, that doesn’t make you Russian. I like Bourbon, but that doesn’t make me a Southerner. “Ethnically”, I’m Filipino Mexican and I grew up with a lot of Mexicans discriminating against me (actually that was the most discrimination I had faced), because I didn’t speak like them, nor any of the gangsters in my neighborhood, despite having brown skin (darker than Cenk). I was in Los Angeles in the early 90’s as a teen and I saw a lot of things. But NONE of that defined me. I made a conscious choice to NOT be that and now I am successful too. I don’t have Tim Pool’s level, but I got a house (where there are no junkies and drug dealers selling heroin), a university education, job scripting (which was self taught, because my education is in the behavioral sciences), soon to be wife and soon to have kids. As an adult you choose what you want to influence you, even if that choice is to NOT resist something easier. Don’t blame someone else for your choices. You can’t choose where you come from, but you can choose where you go and you will be. If you let ANY culture take over you, then there’s no one to blame, but yourself. I had much worse things happen to me than Tim had already mentioned in either episodes about RA, but that didn’t stop me from deciding who I wanted to be, regardless of the pushback I got from the neighborhood and even family. Tim, I’m right there with you brother. Keep being just you, I may not always agree with you, but people like you are what humanity needs right now. It’s funny, when people ask me what I am (ethnically/racially) I steal a line from the first Matrix, “I am 100% homegrown human, born right here on Earth”, because like Dr. king said… content of your character and all humans should be respected, until proven unworthy of it.

  2. Random internet commenter says:

    I’m happy you’re succeeding despite your environment! Keep it up! Freedom is amazing!

  3. Random internet commenter says:

    Yeah I consider myself white because I don’t really have a group I guess, I put white on my applications, but people think I’m mixed all the time because I am olive I guess. People of different ethnicities have called me brown in the summer over the years. I don’t care I know I’m a mutt. I’ve been called exotic looking and I have know idea what that means. 99% of people don’t care and I love that. People assume my background all the time and it’s easier to just not care what people think about where I came from but it’s annoying that they assume things about your experiences that you’re soft and have no “cred” to have opinions. I don’t really want to constantly relive certain experiences and explain them to have my opinions validated.