The Rock Is No Longer The Highest Paid Instagram Celebrity

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One response to “The Rock Is No Longer The Highest Paid Instagram Celebrity”

  1. parbruek says:

    To what extent are ads effective in driving sales? It is difficult to say, since the lives of very few people rely on ads being ineffective, whereas the live of many people depend on their effectiveness. The truth is probably like that of Kelly’s Blue Book: This car rating system is supposed to supply the average price at which cars are sold, but I’ve never heard of anyone in my extended family paying as much as the Blue Book price for a car off a dealer’s lot. But it is in the best interests of the dealerships and income tax calculators to claim that the worth of the car is higher, just as it is in the interest of everyone in the advertising industry to claim that ads effect sales.

    So when someone claims sales have a subconscious effect on people I sigh. Yes, ads effect sales. But they will indubitably effect people less than is normally claimed, because many of those proclaiming the efficacy of ads work in the ads business themselves.