The New Baby Might Not Make It

The Cast Castle crew celebrates Chris’ birthday with dinner and a movie but returns to find troubling news about the new baby. CONTENTS: 0:00 Previously on …

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4 responses to “The New Baby Might Not Make It”

  1. redrumax says:

    what ads

  2. redrumax says:


  3. Yo Tim could yall calm down on these fuckin ads?
    This is getting kinda obnoxious.
    Im talking on the site.

  4. NaeNaeHutch says:

    I had a chick that struggled to come out of his shell. When it was clear he wasn’t going to make it on his own, I VERY carefully helped him out. Turns out he had a deformity – a crooked neck that would’ve prevented him from ever getting out. For a few days, I thought for sure he would die anyway. Pretty weak. Hobbling around. But he made it. We named him Quasimodo. He’s over a year old now. He has a hilarious crow. My little, broken boy is living his best life as a free range roo on our farm.

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