The Construction Of Chicken City Has Begun!

More wasps invaded the Cast Castle today. After taking them out, the crew goes shopping, pops a bottle of Dom Pérignon with Sean Parnell, and fixes a leak …

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3 responses to “The Construction Of Chicken City Has Begun!”

  1. Missyh says:

    You should only spray wasp/yellow jacket nests AT NIGHT! when they are all there. Don’t feel too bad about it. Hornets’ nests look different. I leave alone ones that aren’t a risk to humans.

  2. tim poll get out of City’s. Also Tim behold chickens..a City

  3. UppityG says:

    La Donna e mobile, from Rigoletto, Act 3. lol Whoever it is who does the animation has great taste in music. Pop quiz for anyone who doesn’t need to duckduck it: what does “la donna e mobile” mean?

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