Testing Out The Zero SR/S Electric Motorcycle, The "Tesla" Of Motorcycles

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2 responses to “Testing Out The Zero SR/S Electric Motorcycle, The "Tesla" Of Motorcycles”

  1. Chaz_Hasselhoff says:

    I love that you wore your gear but maybe wear boots next time.

  2. UppityG says:

    🤣😂😄 The anime intros are still killin. MOAR.

    Hey Pool, when you gonna start throwing some of that boys-and-their-toys coin at improving the video player (RW/FF controls, time elapsed on the progress bar, press 0 to restart at 0, etc, etc), improving the comments section (like/dislikes, Edit, Delete, Expand/Collapse, comment count, etc), and finally fixing the self-intruding burger menu that requires a close click from me on Every. Single. Page. I. Navigate. To.?

    I have to say, with each succeeding vlog, my concern for the critters grows. It’s clear you’re all just improvising shit instead of using, I dunno, the interwebs to look up how plenty of others have handled them so there’s less stress for all involved, regardless if you plan to kill them or not.