Tales From the Inverted World #8: The Aliens Are Not Here To Save Us

A 75-year-old man claims to have been abducted by aliens multiple times throughout his life. Now he lives in a town that is known to be a UFO hotspot — where …

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10 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #8: The Aliens Are Not Here To Save Us”

  1. MarkOakley says:

    We pretty much know the plan at this point. -There are lots of details which remain hard to parse or just hidden, but from the high up perspective, it’s all pretty much laid out.

    But you have to do the reading, and be able to sort that reading. There are a lot of broken lenses out there! People who think they have a clue, make assumptions, cave to wishful thinking, etc.

    It’s amazing to think that the number of people who know what’s going on is so small, when all the information is out there for anybody with an internet connection to look at.

    Want to know the score? Don’t worry about which books or speakers or ‘source’ materials.

    No. You need to learn how to build a good foundation.

    Sleep. Diet. Health.
    You can’t think without those things.

    Then you need to spend time learning how to think clearly. You need to develop the kind of critical thinking skills a sharp reporter has.

    Then the stuff you read and compare will start to make sense, and you’ll meet others who have also developed critical thinking skills, who have made a conscious effort to combat their own mechanical, ego-based wishful thinking. To “Clean their machine” so to speak.

    Then.., when you see lights in the sky.., you fucking run the other way.

  2. Matt_w says:

    I’m glad I gave this a chance. These are really cool and interesting stories. Makes me feel a little better, with all the experiences I’ve had with ghosts, spirits, and possibly aliens. That talk about an alien holding up a sphere like object to the man, made me think of something that I remember when I was a kid. Except in my case it was a glowing green orb that these beings placed into abdomen and said “this is your destiny” I was trying to fight out of the restraints they had me in, but then a glowing light engulfed the room and I remember screaming in hellish pain, then I woke up in my bed drenched in sweat, having stomach pain. To this day, i’ve had horrible abdominal pain/discomfort and when I was 25, officially diagnosed with a sever case of Ulcerative Colitis.

  3. TylerSingleton says:

    I’m writing this to the comment above.

    There are good ET’s and Bad ET’s, The good one’s are the Gods of old, known as the Golden Age when ET’s shared technology with humanity, however the bad ones are here. and they are the ones which everyone worships.

    I’d also like to post this excerpt.

    This excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing:
    In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshipped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons.
    Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship

    Demons are the Gods of the Gentiles

  4. RJIsaac says:

    You should connect with L.A. Marzulli. He has been looking at this stuff and claims to have alien devices that were removed from people that were taken. He is a Christian and views all of this from a biblical context which makes it even more interesting.

    One of the the things that he talked about was how the grays are organic suites that allow the aliens/demons to interact in the physical world.

  5. RJIsaac says:

    Look up L.A. Marzulli. This is his whole thing

  6. ventornado says:

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say “oh, why would aliens even want to visit us in the firstplace?”

    If an alien is so advanced, they are able to travel through the vastness of space, why would we be able to comprehend their reasons as to why they visit us on Earth? Can an ant comprehend why humans build a highway over their ant hill?

    We can make assumptions, but all of those assumptions would only be based on what we think life needs/why we would visit another planet. What if there is something that makes humans special that we cannot yet comprehend?

  7. TheDarkWall says:

    One aspect I find fascinating in these stories is the amount of them that involve phasing through your window rather than it opening. It does, in my opinion, make you consider the potential legitimacy of them more. At least, it seems odd that so many would share that slight detail, which if it were purely a hallucination, you’d not expect to see. Just the mind ignoring an unimportant detail, or something more?

  8. TheDarkWall says:

    I don’t fully take this as law, but I have heard some espouse this theory before and there are definitely some links between what we see via the bible compared with the alien phenomena. I’d love to see something expand on this.

  9. Martin9 says:

    Yes please take care to pronounce words and names correctly, i.e. Whitley Strieber is pronounced (stree ber) as in tree. If you listened to a week of Coast To Coast you would get that right. FYI: Do not get your pronunciations from Luke.

  10. nukedaddy777 says:

    Go to Church – they are demons. Two centuries ago “scientists” denied that the Cosmos Origin is the Logos of God, by the Word of God, and came up with ridiculous explanations that are not mathematically, physically, chemically, mechanistically cogent.

    It really is a shame – and it has developed a new “religion” of aliens. But when you realize that every human being, and all life is beautiful, miraculous, inter-related and the product of a loving eternal God through and in the Divine Logos (dynamic word, logic, DNA), then you realize that the things of the Bible are in fact true and these delusions of aliens are manifestations of demons.